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Let It Go - Singing Face

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Would love a copy, changing up my songs this year on my faces!!

Send to brmorr@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance!!!


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Bill, could I also get a copy of this for my Christmas show?  Also, any other Christmas sequences you have i would be more than happy to have and try to use.  working on changing up my display this year and found all of you guys sharing during Halloween and that made a big difference.  Unfortunately, while i can copy and paste, I am not so artistically inclined nor do I do well with lip syncing.  Putting my singing Christmas tree into action this year along with my previous items, however those are basic 8 ch arches, windows and then a 24 ch tree.


thanks in advance and thanks to all of you that are sharing.


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I've tried sequencing both of these myself. They look ok. Would love to have copies of either/both to use to compare to mine. Thanks in advance. mlwrx@yahoo.com

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