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  2. I know I know... I did not try copy paste because I was disappointed that the convert to RGB was missing. Honestly it has been greatly improved and seems to work really well.
  3. So it seems no one has actually done this. I just copied all 8 channels of a normal light channel face and pasted them 100 percent perfect into RGB channels. I did not have to do anything in the preview builder. Did not have to mess with channels. So yes it does work with out having to modify channels or anything. It's actually faster in S5 than S4. SURPRISE THERE! I did not have to convert to RGB or anything. Just copy and paste. In S4 if I copied all 8 channels and pasted it into my sequence, it would paste in 3 RGB channels because it would do RED GREEN BLUE. This is why you converted it to RGB prior. Now as an added bonus that I thought was neat was that it keeps the channel color as well. Not that I care for the color, but I thought it was neat.
  4. Back in 2005, 2006, and 2007 me and a friend of mine used to own a haunted house. I had a blast and always was an actor in the haunted house. We actually used an old barn that was in the middle of the country. It was very eerie being out in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, for those of you who do a halloween show, do you do anything interactive to add a scare factor? I have considered doing a halloween show for the past few years but haven't taken the leap. My idea for a halloween show is to try and actually make it spooky and maybe have a few scares. I have considered making it a walkthrough attraction and having a few actors. I would most llikely only run the halloween show for about 2 weeks. During halloween night I would have a few actors and people could walk through the display with a few scares here and there. Does anyone else do anything similar? Most halloween shows I have seen are mainly lights and fog. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I would just like to possibly amp it up a little if I decide to take the plunge. If you do and have video, please post it. Thanks
  5. Yesterday
  6. Now that I've got the 2 p5 panels all wired up and working, yes I agree it is pretty darn cool. Many thanks to @k6ccc who patiently helped me through my struggles (patiently). The only issue is now I want more... MORE I TELL YOU!
  7. You missed the original topic. I need them converted to RGB as my faces are not normal lights. They are RGB faces. This is why I need to convert them. Any way, I will sit down tonight and see about getting them converted and tested on a new preview config. It sounds like there is no way to quickly do this in S5. Convert normal standard lights to RGB.
  8. That is exactly what I did with JR's faces - in S5. Open his S4 sequence, copy the entire row for the 8 channels for the first face, and paste that into my sequence. Repeat for the second face. The only reason I had to do it one face at a time is that I have three extra channels (two multi-color strings that are used for instrumental songs, and a pink bow used for female singers). That would be no different with S4. I did create a preview with his channel assignments simply so I could watch JR's original sequence in case I had any issues with mine, I could go back and look at the original.
  9. I think that is what I am having an issue with. I am used to importing my channel config in and moving on. I also did not have to worry about the face channels of JR's sequence. I could just copy them to mine and discard the old one. They did not have to work. It sounds like almost everything is done inside of the preview designer and you can spend a lot of time there when you could care less if someone's face sequence channels do not work. It sounds like I need to get those working correctly before I can do anything? And if I understand right, I only need to get his face channels set up once and from there on, it will just work. James, JR, and myself share a lot between us... this is going to take some time to get everything going.
  10. Now that hit home and I now understand that. I think that's what was hanging me up. I am so used to doing at the sequence level.
  11. I really am trying to like S5, but the only plus side so far is the RGB spiral tree that's built in now. But that's off topic. I don't care if the normal channels work or not. I just want to turn them RGB as quick as possible and then copy them over to my setup. In S4, I could do 24 channels in 10 seconds. Select all channels, convert to RGB, copy, paste... Boom! Done! I will give it another night this evening when I get home from work, but I think I already decided on the direction I am going.
  12. The other thing that saves time in S5 is that you change the preview once, and then all of your other sequences that use the same preview will automatically be changed. No need to change each sequence or export/import an LCC file. Matt
  13. Thanks Orville greatly appreciative
  14. Because channel assignments are not done in the sequence - they are done in the Preview.
  15. Yes it is a lot longer. I don't want to spend a lot of time trying to get it right. My time is better suited to sequencing. Not trying to figure out how to convert a normal channel to RGB. I want to select all my face channels at once and convert them to RGB just like I did in S4. After that, copy the channels to my setup. Just give me the menu item back. Why remove features that are useful?
  16. Two second per channel is "A LOT longer"? I opened up a sequence and then edited the preview in order to change 24 traditional strings to 24 dumb RGB strings. Took about 2 seconds per string. The hardest part was changing the channel assignments - until I found out how to do that in about 3 seconds (for all 24 strings at once). Yes, S5 is different, and there is a learning curve and there have been a few issues. However, once learned, there are lots of positives and very few negatives.
  17. So instead of taking twice as long to do it, it takes A LOT longer to convert. I am going back to S4.
  18. Unless it is an ANTIQUE USB1, the answer is yes
  19. Thanks guys. I think I will have to wait until my son shows up and ask him if the USB hub I already have will work. I think I,m getting too old for this. I can,t remember things like I used too. I'm lucky to just remeber where the bathrooms are in my house!!!!!!! But again, thanks fellas for the help and advise.
  20. All done in the Preview Editor. In the Prop Definition for your non-RGB channel, in the section for Lights, select RGB instead of Traditional.
  21. You could get away with an unpowered one (I ran 1 black and 2 red this year on a unpowered one.) , but powered ones give you so many more no need to think about what else gets plugged in
  22. Assuming all ports on all four Pixie controllers are in use with 50 pixels each, that would be 2800 pixel total. That would be pushing it, but likely work on a 1000K network - EXCEPT that the CCPs won't do 1000K. Trying to run 2800 pixels on a 500K network would be massively pushing it. If it were me, I would run the CCPs on one network at 500K, and two 1000K networks for the Pixie controllers. No problem - get a powered USB hub. I just did a search on Amazon for "powered USB hub" and came up with almost 900 results.
  23. No...That was the issue that I brought up a long while back when S5 was first brought out. That was much needed feature that was missing at that time. That was why I rolled back to S4. I want to take normal LED channel and convert it to RGB just like I used to do in S4.
  24. Sorry about that, All of the channels would have 50 pixel strings. The reason for the daisy chaining, is that I am out of available USB ports on my computer.
  25. If you are talking about breaking out RGB channels into their components, the option is in Tools/Sequencer Preferences/Channels Tab/Split RGB channels.
  26. If you follow my suggestion #1, that is correct. All of my controllers are in standard PVC electrical boxes. The smallest is a 6x6x4 and the largest is 12x12x6 - depends on what is in the box. I get the boxes at Home Depot. For power supplies, I am using mostly 350 watt Chinese power supplies similar to this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01EWG6YT8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Some I get from Ray Wu, and I bought five of the Amazon link supplies. A lot of people swear by Meanwell power supplies. In my case, most of my pixel extensions are plain old 18 AWG SPT-1. Now you are about to say "that's only two wires". Yep, I use one run SPT-1, and split another piece of SPT-1 to get the third wire. Then zip tie them together. Keep in mind that I almost always have the controller very close to the pixels. For example, this was the top of my pixel tree: The controller is in the PVC box and the wires are about three feet long. I solder the wires to the wires on the strips - I don't use any sort of disconnects at the pixels. The only connector is the little 4 pin green connector that plugs onto the controller. The solder connection is under the blue heat shrink tubing: The above picture is showing the top two pixels of the strip. The zip tie is there to mechanically hold the wire so that there is no mechanical strain on the pixel while handling the strip or wiring. I finally found three conductor colored zip cord a few weeks ago and ordered 500 feet (which should last for years). I will use that for rebuilds and new construction. https://www.holiday-light-express.com/RGBwireplugs.php
  27. In the old S4, I could select all the normal light channels and right click and select convert to RGB channels. How do you do this in S5? I cannot seem to find the option. This is what I am seeing... It seems to take twice as long to do anything in S5. Even selecting the color fade takes time now. Having all the play buttons right next to each other on the menu bites as well. I keep hitting play all instead of play from here. I like how it t no longer upgrades your S4 sequences to S5. When you save, it leaves the old LMS file intact and saves the new one as a loredit. So kudos for that. I am only 3 days into S5, but finding it cumbersome.
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