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DIY Musical Fountain Help Request


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First, thank you for letting me join this forum.

 I am looking to build a small musical fountain in my backyard which would consist of 8 servo operated nozzles (controlling the direction of the spray) and 32 fixed jets (shooters). I came across this idea and LOR by watching videos produced by Grant’s Fountain Channel on YouTube. His latest “version 6” fountain project utilizes DC motor water pumps, previous versions utilized AC fountain pumps. 

my questions:

What DC pumps is he using for Version 6?
What hardware is he using to control them?


many thanks!



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I don't think the version matters.

Servos are controlled with.


You can download the manuals  from the LOR site for  reference.

Lights could be controlled by

dumb: CMB 24  (there is a flood package, but they are only rain proof (you can control up to 24 relays, ungroup the RGB port setting)

Smart: Pixies, and a whole bunch more

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You would be far better off asking him what pumps and servos he is using.

As far as controlling them, LOR has a board called a ServoDog that is specifically made for controlling servos.  I've used servos so can't help on setting them up, but there are others here who have.

For the pumps, LOR has a couple low voltage DC controllers.  Depending on the pumps, you may need to use the controller to drive a relay and have the relay control power to the pumps.  That would limit each pump to on / off as opposed to variable.

And TheDucks beat me to some of this...


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Get in touch with Marcus Ledet. He is the king of fountains. He is on this page.

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