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  2. Hello everyone, I know it sounds silly and banal, but starting the installation these days, here in Italy there is a summer sun, some of you can tell me if the 12 mm LED pixels. and the silicone of the 5 mt strips do they yellow with exposure to the sun for about 2/3 months? In the above case, if you covered them with something? Green shading net type for the gardens? Does anyone have another better idea?
  3. May I have a copy? I’ll take any pixel mega Tara sequences you don’t mind sharing 🙏🏼 tracystram@gmail.com
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  5. That tells me something controlled BY (usually a per/user setting) appdata is affecting this. The problem is there are 3 groups (some are large) of apps SETTINGS. These are for ANY app you have ever run/configured MSCONFIG time. to start with disabling things that ONLY start with YOUR logon (the other stuff you can disable is used by all users.) Easy choices are things that preload for faster starting when users ask for that app. (you don't really need these, you just wait longer for that app to startup). Usuall the app has an option in its settings to enable, like LOR s control panel), but for the test. MSCONFIG to stop it from launching at logon. (these usually are launched from the RUNS section)
  6. If it says they are protected sequences then they are locked. If they purchased the editable version then they will need to contact the Help Desk so LOR can look up their order and send the correct card if they did indeed order the editable version.
  7. Hi Jim, when you talk about channels, do you mean RGB, that is 3 channels? Yes the network is all 500k enhanced.
  8. oops I meant...........Morgan and Morgan...............For the money!
  9. They're no more for the people than the man in the moon. Having called them on a wide assortment of things, nothing ever came to be on anything. And we showed them what the management sent out and they agreed with the management, they put out a legal document, so that means you put something out, you take your chances and you have no repercussion if anything gets damaged.
  10. And being a "true native Floridian" is why I don't support Disney at all. And I had an annual pass many, many moons ago, but will never, not ever buy another one. I don't even go there, even if I still owned a vehicle and could drive, I do not visit or spend money on those tourist traps that also drain the funds of Floridians that go there. Cost is way overboard what it should be and it just keeps higher and higher, yet they never increase their employees wages! And I know all too well, they could and CAN afford to do that. Worked there back in 1977, WORST JOB of ANY I ever had. Personally I wish NONE of these dad-blasted theme parks ever moved into my area, it did nothing but ruin the real beauty and charm of the town I grew up in! So I wonder if we're going to get hit by either of those other 2 disturbances out there in the Atlantic and if they become Hurricanes or not? Haven't had a chance to watch any newscasts on Sunday to see what's going on out there. {To bring this back sort-of, on topic}.
  11. I don't think there is much difference or any except for their size. The ones I use are the same ones that the guy used in the video link that was posted. Small white snap-on/snap off types. And they've worked great for years. Not sure what type mine may be as I was given them years ago when I worked for a warehouse company that sold surplus electronics and other odds and ends. They were just going to toss them out, so I asked if I could have them. Gave quite a lot of them away and used all the ones I had, save for a few extras, when or if I needed a replacement somewhere or my display got larger. The ones I got were unmarked, and I've gotten others, but I don't remember if they have any type of rating or anything that I can recall, the packaging I got from the surplus warehouse just stated Ferrite Core on the package, each package contained 2 Ferrite Cores. I just use what's in my "junk box" and go from there. All I know is they worked and I just kept it at that.
  12. So a little news on the war front, if i log out of my current user and go into a different user i can get the Visualizer to work. At least i got to see To the Bone faces.
  13. What version of the pixie4, 8 and 16? Sending you a PM JR
  14. Seems as though my back up of photobucket, tinypic has [Foul Language Used] down. I sent you a PM with my cell. I can text you pics easier than finding a solution to my pic host problem. JR
  15. Thanks for the advice guys. The TSO card that came with his package, came with the normal lms files, LOREDIT files, LID files, and two different sets of mp3 files. Running ShowTime Suite 4, then upgraded to 5, back down to 3 and ALL will not let me edit those sequences. He saved all files to his laptop, and when we try and edit the lms files, it says it is a protected sequence, and there aren't even any channels that show up. I copied the files to my laptop, tried to edit them with the same results. Running the LOREDIT files, does nothing. Could it be a bad card, or they accidentally sent a NON editable card?
  16. I have to see this.... pevely@seascape.ns.ca Thanks James!
  17. Thanks - I ordered a High Speed adapter. If that doesn't solve my problem, I will provide the .loredit file
  18. You did not say how many channels were in you, but if the three pixel controllers are fairly heavily loaded, that is a lot of channels. Even with only 50 pixels per output on all three pixel controllers, that would 7,296 channels. That exceeds the LOR recommendation for a 1,000K enhanced network. You also did not tell us how fast the network was running, but I'm going to guess it is 500K Enhanced since the 1602 and CMB24 controllers can't handle 1,000K and the Pixcon 16 requires Enhanced networking. Based on a couple assumptions, I'm not surprised that you had latency issues last year. You have a couple choices - all of which involve adding networks. In 2018, I had 65,001 channels of E1.31, so I am a fan of E1.31. I would move the Pixcon 16 to E1.31. In addition to that, unless the the two Pixie controllers are lightly loaded, I would split the six LOR network controllers. There are a couple options. One option would be to split off the two Pixcon 16 controllers onto a separate network and run that at 1,000K speed, and use your existing network at 500K or slower for the 1602 & CMB24 controllers. Another option would be to put each Pixie controllers on it's own 1,000K network and then a third network at slower speed for the 1602 and CMB24 controllers. Keep in mind, that it's all about channel counts and how busy the channel change activity is. The LOR recommendation (last I am aware) is 2,400 pixels (or 7,200 channels) on a 1,000K Enhanced network, so I would think something like 1,200 pixels on a 500K Enhanced network. Stay under those limits.
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  20. Goodmorning everyone. Surely this topic has already been treated, so excuse me, but unfortunately I could not find it on the forum. First of all I wanted to clarify my dispaly of 2018. Since last year I had some latency with 2 x 1602wg3 + 2 x CMB24 + 2 x Pixie16 Smart Pixel Controller + 1 PixCon16, all on a fast network with the red adapter RS485-USB-HS. This year, may God send me good, (in Italy is added, blonde and with a beautiful breast ;-)) I would like to use the PixCon16 with E1.31, while the other cards obviously leave them as they are. Do you advise me to make more LOR networks with the right USB adapters to avoid latency or leave them as before, ie all under the red adapter? The cards have all the full channels, the 1602 and the CMB24 command small figures of little importance, while the Pixie 16 has 100 bulbs on each channel. I hope I was able to describe satisfactorily, but unfortunately my English is translated online, so excuse me for the nonsense I can get out of it. Thanks from grandpa Pierpaolo happy.
  21. I am not a fan of S5 so i have stayed with this version.
  22. k6ccc wants you to go into the configuration of one of the CCB100 inside the HU and post a screenshot.
  23. lol I know this was in jest, but even with a large monitor viewing 40 lines is tough, they are tiny. @brettmc In no way have I ever come close to using 40 lines of SS effects, (maybe 15 - 20 tops) I am curious to see how you are sequencing with 40 lines in SS. I am always looking for new tricks. Can you post something that shows this what the end result are? maybe youtube, vimeo. Also there is another way to condense the lines (grouping in SS, only groups in the horizontial row, not vertical columns) It would tricky, but depending on the sequencing it might work. Sequence a screen full effects in SS, save them back to S5. Go to the directory where the SS .avi are stored, then delete the lines brought in from SS and replace it with a movie effect (the ss .avi) in S5. Repeat as needed. Not an ideal way but it might work for what you are trying to do. Alan...
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