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  2. I am so sorry. I have a 16 channel controller but I know nothing about S4, S5 etc. I program light shows for my own use into this unit. While doing it, I had a picture of my house and placed the lighting on that picture according to the channel, then configured the channel to the music. I am computer literate to a point. I do not know what lorpreview.xml is or commondata. I am retired but am 182 years old but no dummy and am willing to learn this stuff further. My son got me this unit several years ago for Christmas and I have worked my way through the jargon but apparently missed some of it. I really appreciate the comeback on my post but maybe I will just help him and give him my computer with the stuff on it. Again, Thank you Michael Harrington mharr77@gmail.com
  3. Just wanted to say thanks to LOR for great customer service again. I was taking down my display and couldn't find the keys to some of the controller boxes, I had to borrow my neighbors key to open the box's. So after not finding them in two weeks of putting things away and searching as I did I looked on google and amazon for some replacements. Nothing came up so I asked LOR and without a question or anything they sent me replacement keys priority mailing in two days. Thanks LOR, your still the best company for customer service and products IMO. Keith
  4. The 8 dumb devices you list should run fin at the upper end (115K) of that black adapter BUT you really should keep a SPARE adapter (Red works any place a Black does), just in case As dibblejr said. Depends on how many smart nodes you are (plan on) running.Since you did not list Existing Pixies, we will assume any new LOR item you WILL get, will run in Enhanced mode.
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  6. I forgot..... That version of Papagayo you are using does work with S5. That's the version I use.
  7. Ok so Papagayo to LOR has a selection for dumb RGB lights. Just save the created clipboards using the RGB selection to the main LOR Clipboard folder. Or do as I did and create a sub folder in the Clipboard folder with the songs name on it. then when I want to import a copy to the main folder I don't have to worry about overriding it by mistake. . After you set up the singing RGB prop in S5 change the default clipboard file to the clipboard file you wish to import to the song. if you have multiple clipboards saved for one song then you will have to change the default clipboard every time you need the new section of the song. also remember to lock your saved Papagayo clipboards in S5 or you might over ride it by mistake. I have used Papagayo to sequence 40 animated pictures using the Picture motion effect. I also have a 6 mouth position dumb RGB face that I used Papagayo and Papagayo to LOR on. If you already have S4 sequences that you want to convert to S5 just load them in to the S5 sequencer and start working with S5. I have done Mouth sequences both Manually and with Papagayo and for me Papagayo is way easier. especially when doing a Matrix. here is a video I did on how I found a way to use pictures to animation using Papayo to LOR and thje S5 Picture Motion effect.
  8. Depends on what generation of the AC controllers you have. Also depending on what pixel controllers you have , you will be limited to how many of those you can connect to 1 red connector. JR
  9. Can we get the "view fades as ramp" icon put back on the toolbar please? It's a pain to have to click tools\sequence preferences\channel effects then check or uncheck "view fades as ramps". I use this a lot and it's pretty slow going having to do these steps all the time.
  10. I changed all my black adapters to the red adapters. However I plan on adding more pixel eliminates to my show this year and was wondering the following: Can I run 6 ea. CTB16PC and 2ea. CMB24D controllers from the same black adapter. (all are daisy chained) I want to use the red adapter I have for the new pixel props. Thanks
  11. the attached pic has how I drew the proposed 3 trees. They are all different. To the left is like what you showed, the middle one is the 64 channel with red, green, white, white spirals, strobes and a 3d star; and all the way to the right is the same as the left tree but as a square tree
  12. thanks gsmith, I drew something similiar, I was wondering how people drew it in SE. I was planning on doing a 64 ch mega tree, so it would have many legs. I did a simple box of 16 channel legs of the 3 different colors (traditional LEDs no pixels) and the spirals on it too, and a 3d star ontop.
  13. Thanks Caniac Found it Dennis
  14. Looks good now whatโ€™s the secret. Is it two strands tied one hanging from the bottom of the other and what kind of timing
  15. I presume, since you are on S5, by animation, you mean the preview. You will need to copy the lorpreview.xml file from commondata. You may need to re attach the media file.
  16. I still do this with my icicle lights. I don't have a video of last year but I do have 2018 video of it. It starts around the 1 minute mark. Tom
  17. Regardless on what you go for Icicles, you are a LOR 485 network user for the stuff you listed. A couple of years ago, someone sold these kind of strings with the drops of different counts (pattern repeated), but I can't locate the notes to give you a link. ๐Ÿ˜š Icicles are not all the same size, which is why I find the concept of all drops the same LENGTH and bulb orientation, a bit jarring. (The demo I saw, just had them hanging free ๐Ÿ‘ , pointing any which way) Splices BETWEEN drops should work fine, but do keep track of the Node # and what part of the drop pattern (if varied) you are at. Icicles are dense (lots of nodes in a small area, compared to simple strings), so your controller options can easily lean to more port counts than longer runs of simple strings (but you power supply will need to be sized for the node counts)
  18. Here are my plans: Going to put LOR on my son's computer. Going to sign in to drop box and upload the ims file. Then going to show the animation and click the green arrow to see if it all works. I might have to download the music for it but will see. Does that sound logical?
  19. Phil, I to also pay for the 2 tb storage size. It actually says 2.02 tb. I just have not been successful with configuring my computer so I have been using external ssds to backup but at the daily rate they get full quick. I think you have it but I will message you my # and when you have time (after the concert) perhaps you can walk me through the process. I saw Tool in NY while I was in the Army, enjoy. Thanks JR
  20. I want to thank you all for replying to this. I am going to try the dropbox and if that does not work, will try something else. Again, Thank you
  21. It depends what service you intend to use. I am very familiar with Dropbox, and have used Google Drive before, If you want to backup your entire system you will need to get some level of paid service, worth it IMO, I have nearly a TB of data constantly backed up. This includes family photos over a hundred years old. The service you choose should also be protected against ransomware, by allowing rollback to an earlier version if you should get hit, as it could propagate through the cloud storage like any other attached drive. You should also have a local backup on a disconnected HDD which gets refreshed periodically, just in case.Bear in mind that if you do need to reinstall everything back down, it will take some time, depending on your connection speed, amount of traffic ,and amount of data, potentially days. The first step is to get your data consolidated into one area, either a specific drive, or a folder or in my case my network server, so the data is not scattered over many folders, My Documents, for example. Be glad to help, but it would probably be better over the phone.I will be out of town today ( Tool concert in ATL ) but back later tomorrow.
  22. Wow, thanks for finding that. I swear I watched a video from them, but didn't see the star. Old eyes I guess. Though not sure I'm impressed that much with it. I think I like the "spinning" stars that are wireframe with 3/4 stars grouped together. I knew I should have bookmarked that site, lol...
  23. http://lightupbellevue.org/
  24. I searched it and found all sorts of pics. didn't find that particular video but will check.
  25. Thanks, tried searching youtube, vimeo and google. Even tried staring at google images hoping I'd spot it, but no such luck. I guess I'll go with a different product. Pretty amazing I can't find a video of that, but don't feel like dropping $160 on something I hope will look good. I know I saw some "3-d" star toppers I could spin as well as change fancy colors. somewhere, probably go with those.
  26. search Bellevue Christmas Lights on youtube, the guy that created that has a couple on pixel trees. he also did a "stacked" pixel tree, awesome work.
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