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  2. I was surprised how many people that stopped by filmed my show. But i guess that is what people do these days... I created a Facebook page to see how they look but no one posted to it. I did several on my own, adding the actual sound track later. Since recording outside just got too much background noise.
  3. Rodney Appreciate that, I sent you an email with my number, yes sounds good, I knew you live nearby but wasn't able to locate, Keith
  4. I am a newbie, in that i only got into doing the LOR options 2 years ago. I was really lucky the first year and got things setup in a couple of weeks. For regular lights, i started putting things out on Thanksgiving. This last year, I did a lot of prep work, making sure lights worked, and arranging some new songs, but didn't start putting up the show until Thanksgiving. Except that people knew about my lights from the year before were already driving by. I had to do a lot of quick work, and managed to get the show up and running in about a week but it took some long hours. Mind you, my display is spread across 2 acres so its not a 10 minute job (64 channels last year). This year I bought some additional equipment and i have at least already started planning. I also plan on starting on a lot of the outside work earlier this year to not have to do in quite such a rush. Stop by my facebook page and check it out https://www.facebook.com/Magnolia-Musical-Christmas-317089092476816
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  6. Ok with the solid rod between my connection point where the two 10 foot section connect. The pipe did NOT break at the connector this year. First year ever it did not break. So, by putting the solid pipe inside where they connect did the job. We had gust of wind between 50-70 MPH. I am just taking down the tree now. So its been up for 5 months. LOL...
  7. I set up for Halloween. I put out my singing monsters and drummer, guitar player. Make things easier for me. I put my singing trees and guitar player dancing Santa in the same place as my Halloween displays. Hoping this year make it even easier. Instead of running 8 extension cords to each prop. I spent Money $$$ and bought 16 conductor cable and quick disconnection plug.. Put a plug on each display and run the one cable to each display instead of 8 extension cords. Make it easier to move displays around and clean up after season.
  8. My bad I am running windows 10. Like I said I was using the sequencer back in Feb or early march just fine. Not sure if it could be something with windows.
  9. Can I grab this copy? Mine somehow got all messed up and I dont even know where to begin fixing it. Anderson372008@gmail.com Thanks Mike
  10. It all started so simple, get a pixel tree when it was on sale. Of course, i had the prerequisite hardware although my G3-MP3 was old but matched exactly what was on the doc. As expected, I do need to update the firmware but that is where I am stuck. I have the USB dongle, and i can connect and control all of the controller and the pixie8 using it. However, in order to upgrade the firmware, it says to connect to the director. If i just use the network cable from the dongle, it does not power up. But i can get it power up by connecting it one of the controllers. But I do not see it in the hardware utility. if i do refresh, it doesn't show up. I go to the firmware tab, select MP3 device, and try to update it and it doesn't find it which i more or less expected since it doesn't show up from refresh either. I suspect i am missing something?
  11. You are invited to one of the top Holiday Lighting symposiums in the Midwestern United States. Light Up Ohio 2019 is coming to beautiful Westerville, Ohio on May 10th & 11th. Don't miss this opportunity to meet up with Lighting Enthusiasts from all over the country. This event is filling up fast, and when our seating capacity is filled, this opportunity will be gone. Get your Registration in now for the time of your lives!!!! https://luo2019.ticketbud.com/2019
  12. I was running 5.2.2 pro when it started. I tried uninstalling and then downloading my original LOR software then load 5.2.4 pro still doing the same. I am using windows on a Toshiba. I have been using LOR for year and have never seen this before.
  13. Your still thinking (like I did) old, Plug into the wall strings. I will just make those blinky πŸ˜• Then you will see the benefit of (dumb) RGB. Wait, Hang once, Orange and purple for Halloween, Then Green and Red and White for Christmas, Red,White and Blue for the 4th Wait, If I go Smart, I can run chases around the yard/windows/roof line Seriously down hill once you start on this path
  14. Wife runs the facebook page where this was posted. I don't use facebook so I just saw this recently when she was on there. 😁
  15. Great job! It's always nice when someone else is touched enough to spend that much time filming your show. I like his foot notes too - like the sound is better than he's recording. Really nice tribute from your Headcase friend.... One of my most viewed songs was when a neighbor posted it. I was touched. But mostly - I do it for me - so if they video or not - I still have a good time.... 😎
  16. Well before actual setup begins, you need to sort out how much power you need, where to get it and how you are going to get it to your controllers.Similarly. where are your data runs exiting the house, and where do they need to go. I put my controllers close to their props, (even more important with pixels) to minimise the length of the multiple output cables, but it does mean longer primary power feeds. Buy a lot of three way AC taps, you'll need them.
  17. Here is part of my show that one of our viewers posted. Any recommendations for this year as I am always looking to change it up and of course I will be adding on. 😁 Windows for 2019 will be all pixels and adding more to roof. (You have to turn the volume on in the video)
  18. I still see them. His work must of thought it was a virus....
  19. well glad it's correct now. When asking future questions, most of the great people here that will answer you will look at your profile to try to give the proper answer for software version being used.
  20. nope, I just changed it, I guess when I made the profile it had that auto selected. When I opened my visualizer to uncheck that box, I saw the version I had.
  21. I must have been looking at Jim’s version instead of yours. πŸ₯΄
  22. so I only have version 4.4.4, so yup box unchecked! thanks
  23. I store it everywhere.... Storage units, both garages - hooks hanging trees from the ceiling is my favorite place.... Normally I setup roof and house mounted objects starting late Sept. Then Halloween in the yard first/middle of October. The day after Halloween - Christmas yard props start; arches, fans, firesticks, mini trees, floodlights, luminary cans, candy-cane spinners, strobes - you know - just the typical yard clutter stuff.... Try to be done for Lights On Thanksgiving. Just moved last year - so got started in August - it's a great way to meet the neighbors as they all want to see/meet the guy getting a sunburned playing with his mega tree..... Yep - bothers you now was my intent.....
  24. great setup, can't wait to see the show this year!
  25. wow I know the shows can get up there in channels, I was looking at my 32 channels and thinking "wow that's a lot". Then you have 10 times that! I couldn't imagine where to store the stuff not to mention how long to set it up! Thank you for the tips, I imagine there will be a lot of first-time bugs to work out and I will have to start sometime in October. Yes the weather in NY is unpredictable we could have beautiful weather until January...or nasty cold wet stuff in late September. It's a hit or miss here. I didn't even notice the words of the prop names until you said something, along those lines it bothers me now, so I'll get them off so if...excuse me...when I expand, it definitely won't bother me.
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