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  2. Anyone have any christmas images (santa, bells, snowman, wreath, etc) I can use for my pixel tree? Thanks
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  4. Thank you so much! Without yours and @dibblejr help over the last 3 years I wouldn't be where I am today with my display. Thank you both so much for all the help you provide to everyone.
  5. Any ideas on when/if LOR will offer and take advantage of a 64 bit OS? Yes, understood that they are probably accommodating older machines that only supported 32 bit OS but an installer could identify the type and select the proper output. Yes, I also understand that 64 bit requires a lot of software alterations to allow for the larger arrays(software internal), indexes and etc...
  6. Sorry, can't help you. But I'm very interested in doing a walk-thru tunnel also. Can I catch up with you next week or two to figure out how you do this? My mega trees are 16 strands of 70. But these are not pixels so would something like that help you? the5prescotts@gmail.com
  7. PoodleMan; Please allow me to add some clarification based upon your terminology which is causing questions. LOR typically uses ID #'s for the RS485/Serial network. Those come from a USB port, to the USB/RS485 adapter. From there, the cat5 wire you are then using out of the RS485 adapter, runs out to the first controller to one of the two RJ45/Cat5 connections. The other one, allows you to daisy-chain off that controller and connect to the next controller and so on. You could literally hang up to 64 devices/controllers out there on that single daisy-chain but it I wouldn't recommend it. CMB24's and numerous others, use this type of protocol...serial/RS485 data. It is not TCPIP or internet even though it uses the same type of Cat5 cables and RJ45 connectors. E1.31 is TCPIP DMX over Internet. This usually comes out of an internet connection from your laptop or desktop to a possible internet "switch". From that switch, you could come out on several ports to various E1.31 devices such as Pixcon16's, AlphaPix, JoshuaSystems and several others. This type of data IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH SERIAL DATA. As was pointed out already, if you try to mix these, you will fry either or both, your controllers and your computer. I suggest that if you place a E1.31 controller directly adjacent to an RS485 controller, you somehow color or tag the comm cables so that you don't accidentally mix them up and plug into the wrong device. The Pixcon16, can use either type but you "must" be very, very careful which port you plug the Cat5 cable into, based on which type of comm you are using for it. Wrong cable into the wrong port, it and or your computer get toasted. So, USB port output, goes to the LOR Serial RS485 adapter then to Serial type controllers. TCPIP/Internet/Ethernet goes to a switch and then to TCPIP devices only.
  8. I did get a copy from you last year. I am going to try to upload them with just the faces by themselves and share the link. I just get so busy with work I never have time to get on here. But I am back now that it's time to start sequencing again lol.
  9. You must have forgotten I did the faces for it. You should have a copy. i will re send tomorrow. JR
  10. If anyone has the faces, please do not hesitate to share with others. this was created as my way of giving back to the community. feel free to alter and share when possible. But like I asked originally please do not sell it. This is a free to use sequence. if I have time in the coming months I will try to create another one with a big move coming up in 2 months I'm not sure if I'm going to have time to focus on audio editing. Thank you for everyone making this as popular as it has become
  11. If you are still sharing the Disney sequences, I would love a copy please! garrett.a.woodbridge@gmail.com
  12. James can I get this Krewella one as well please? Just had a special request to add it to our show this year. nwgraphix2@yahoo.com
  13. I'm looking for sequences for a walk through tunnel 16 string of lights 16x50
  14. Can I have a standard sequence for the sound of silence/disturbed?
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  16. i will take a copy please speedym@gmail.com Thanks
  17. You cannot combine sequences, if you are attempting to add another sequence (channels) to your existing one you can't do that by importing channels. What you will need to do is take an existing sequence you have and add the controllers to it. Then you will export that channel config and import into your other sequences. Whenever you import a channel config it overwrites the channels in that sequence.
  18. I haven't even gotten into different tracks just yet. I am sure THAT would make my head explode. Thanks for the input! Mike
  19. Would love a copy as well, please cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks!
  20. It is always recommended to add new devices or channels to the bottom of your Master or first track and never delete anything. It IS possible to do it otherwise but it may make your head explode and/or mess up your existing sequences. Create a new track or several for rearranging your channels any way you desire without messing up your master track. At last count I had 16 tracks, for different arrangements and effects.
  21. I am trying to import a new Channel Configuration into my existing sequences. I have added a few RGB Pixel Controllers in it for testing purposes. When I import the new Config, the existing sequence lines up but the new channels are pulling the sequence from the old. If that makes sense. Do I have to add all the new controllers to the bottom? For example, I have a window on Channel 1 of controller one that I want to be pixels instead. I added the new device under channel one. Now the new pixel device is pulling from the next 50 channels. Is there an easy fox for this or should I just add the new devices to the bottom of the current setup? Thanks Mike
  22. Firstly in case you missed it, the CMB24 needs an ID setting by means of the dip switches on the board. I think if you set it from the hardware utility, it won't "stick" after a power off. Secondly, it sounds like you have one other ID on your LOR RS 485 network, an AC controller, so the CMB 24 needs to be different, ID 2 perhaps which should be set on the dip switches. See the manual for switch positions. Then in Sequencer Preview definition, you need to set up however many floods you have as that ID and start circuit number. Each flood will use three circuits. Flood 1 will be 1 to 3 and flood 2 will be 4 to 6 and so on. I have never done it on S5, and I don't want to mess my preview up so you may need to experiment a bit, However I think if you right click on the background of the preview window and click Add Item, the choose LOR Controller, in the following dialog you can choose the controller type and fill in the blanks.
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