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  2. So I have a pixie 8 controller, 4 ccc-II controllers, and 2 pixie 4 controllers. I have ccr bands connected to the pixie 8 for my mega tree and 3 sets of 2 bands connected to the ccc-II boxes. The other controllers are controlling my square rgb pixels. Whenever I play my show, there is like 1 pixel in each strand that is lit up most of the time. Usually the first pixel in the sequence. Occasionally all pixels will light correctly with certain parts of the song, but most of the time they are just blinking with the first pixel. I have my old lights on a 56k network and all rgb components on a 500k network. I am running these off my computer for my show. Any advice on what could be causing this??
  3. Have had a lot of their strips go bad after one season, and I used some dumb nodes this year, that I bought 2 years ago and never used.....full of bad nodes. Had to replace every single strip on my house, and every strip in my pixel tree this year. Not one strip more than 2 seasons old, and a lot were new last year. I have never had problems with the service, and I still like a lot of the products, but I don't know that I will ever be buying pixels/nodes from them again.
  4. So here is my status. Last year I had two controllers and couldn't get them to sync very well. One was a V2 and one was the new V3. I also tried introducing the new Pixie Tree last year and everything was a mess. I am getting started really late this year as work has been super slammed. Bought a new board to replace the old V2 and installed it. I have new Cat5 cables running to everything and have been trying everything. I also have a help ticket in. I ran the new cable to the new controller and I see it show up in the hardware utility. I run a daisy cable to the old controller and get a solid light but it wont show up. I go back to the new controller and run a cable to the Pixie* controller and they both show up. I run a daisy cable from the pixie8 controller to the old controller and again solid lights but not showing up. It doesn't how I route the cables I always have a solid light on the old controller but it never shows up. I have tried both Ports same outcome. I have reset the board numerous times and same outcome. I am wondering if its possibly a bad board or just a bad chip that I can replace. I took this whole week off to get this lights working by Saturday hopefully. Any help would be appreciated. Also anyone that has a 32 sequence with a pixel tree 16x50 that would share that would be amazing and save me alot of time after I get this all figured out.
  5. šŸ˜‰ Bill thank you. I guess my Christmas vibe wasn't strong enough. tommarino@hotmail.com
  6. I've done this for a while on S4 shows (and probably did with S3.)
  7. that's it right on the money i copied it from my old computer to the new one thank you very much for sharing your knowledge it's good to know you are willing give of your free time to help others it's people like you that keep this forum going Blair
  8. Sorry I haven't seen any issues with my show stopping, but have seen where you mentioned the lights not turning off at the end of the Show. To fix this, I created a Blank Animated sequence with the current years preview and had no lights turn on for about 1 minute. This sequence runs during the "Shutdown" part of the show. This solved this problem for me.
  9. Your gonna have to post somewhere to send them cause my mental telepathy ain't what it used to be
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  11. See, it told you what the problem is... Very useful thing! Since you are using S4, open the sequence in SE and make sure that the audio file is correct. My educated guess is that you sequenced it on one computer and are playing on another. When copied the files, you missed the audio file for those songs. Use Windows Explorer to verify that the audio files are there, and copy them to the show computer. You can make that change while the show is playing. If you fixed it, the sequence will play correctly next time it comes around.
  12. yes got that screen it is saying no audio file loaded for the last four songs QUESTION can i reload those songs while it is playing or do i have to shut down thank you Blair
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  14. No. Left click on the LOR light bulb in the system tray and it brings up the status display (this screen capture happened to be during a Show on Demand):
  15. Yes playing it on a computer would you be referring to verifier ? as the status panel thank you
  16. OK, looks like I have a bit of an issue. I have 2 controllers that won't go be able to go on the 'enhanced network' (CTB16D Green Board, & InputPup) Everything else qualifies. Can I make 2 networks with one USB interface? Nevermind. Answered my own question. That's a big bummer, need another network interface.
  17. If you are playing this on a computer, what does the status panel show? It generally will tell you why it's not working.
  18. As of today I will never buy another product from Hoiiday Coro, after buying products from them since 2012. I tried to return a defective rgb strip that did not work when I took it out of the package this week. Now one of my arches is down. They said they would replace it if I sent the defective strip back. When they receive it they will send a new one in about 15 days. I said Christmas will be over by then .They said if I want it faster I need to buy a new one and when they get the defective one they will refund the money. Why should I have to pay to replace a defective product and then wait for my money? They said that's their policy because they don't trust people to return the defective items . Sorry for venting but I think a long time customer should be treated fairly . I have been a customer of Light O Rama for even longer and have always been treated fairly and with respect. Dennis Laff
  19. not all songs playing in the scheduler plays the first 10 but not the last 4 any ideas thank you
  20. "I would like a copy sent to Jdgreer01@sbcglobal.net "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". Thanks! Jay
  21. Thank you for the heads up on my profile! Fixed. I did add the info to my post tho: v5.3.12 Pro - I have a 9 strip RGB 'tree', 50 pixels each on a PIXIE16 v1.03 Not sure if I have the 'enhanced LOR network' enabled.
  22. Motion Effects can only be played back to "enhanced" LOR networks and DMX networks (USB or E1.31). So make sure network that your tree is attached to is marked as enhanced in LOR Network Preferences. Also, the Comm Listener (CL) must be running. For more, see the "Why Aren't My Lights Turning On?" topic here: http://www1.lightorama.com/help/control_lights.htm Matt
  23. For starters, please update your forum profile to reflect what version and license level you have. Both of those directly affect the answer to your questions. Since you are asking about Motion Effects in S5, I assume you are not using 4.3.26 as you have listed in your forum profile. If you have a Advanced level license, you can't use Motion Effects, nor can you use an Enhanced LOR network (required for Motion Effects - unless you are using that on E1.31 - however see part one of this sentence)). What controller are you using for your pixel tree?
  24. Mega Arch


    Come on back to OKC. Iā€™m buying first pot!
  25. v5.3.12 - I have a 9 strip RGB 'tree', 50 pixels each on a PIXIE16 v1.03. I am just starting work with Motion Effects in S5. I put together a quick sequence with a few motion effects on the tree and a few 'regular' actions. When I play back the sequence it works fine in preview, controls everything. But when I go outside, the motion effects parts are not working. The 'regular' parts work, so it's not like my controller died or something. Any help would be appreciated...
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