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  2. Trust me on this one, LOR will not limit it to "normal" business hours for a remote session with you. As I recall, my last remote session with Matt started about 2200 his time...
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  4. Now i just need to find the time to sit through a remote session if need be. May be waiting till schools out in a month.
  5. It's worth the trip. I saw Deb's neighborhood twice in 2017. Did not make it up for 2018, but really want to make my northern tour this year. That will get several in the Sacramento area, the several on the way up and back (including Deb's neighborhood)..
  6. The only way to sync video output is to use a computer. Mp3 directors can not output video.
  7. Excellent. Thank You so much!
  8. You could also use 0B (0C inherited for a pixie2), assuming neither is in use elsewhere.
  9. I was the one working your ticket. I have assigned it to Matt since he was the person requesting the files. He should be able to get you going.
  10. I'd say 95% of weird communications issues are solved by either a reset of all the equipment, or replacing a bad cable. The reset is cheap (free!) and fast. It should be the first tool in your troubleshooting bag.
  11. Oh ok. So if i change the second configuration to say 1A It should be ok?
  12. I'm gonna have to make time for a road trip someday to see your neighborhood. I know the videos are great - but like the other displays - in person, I'm sure it will take your breath away...….
  13. When you set the ID of 9 the software automatically sets 0A for the second port because the CCP2 (Pixie2) has two ports. All Pixie controllers use the same amount of IDs as they have ports, Pixie4 uses four IDs, Pixie8 uses eight IDs and so on. You assign the starting ID and software will automatically assign the others in order.
  14. Correct. Each string on a Pixie controller (which is what the “new” CCP controllers are - as I understand it) uses one ID. The original CCP controllers gave you a choice of three config options.
  15. Why would this one be both 9 and 0A? I set it as 9. Does each controller need two ID’s?
  16. Your CCP controller is using IDs 09 and 0A. That means that if you have another controller using ID 0A, you have two controllers responding to sequencing for ID 0A.
  17. I recently purchased the CCPixel with Controller. It is the one with two 50 pixel strings with it. I set them up as controllers 9 and 0A on my network. I hooked up one controller with two strings today to test and for some reason, the second string is not only playing the sequence that it is supposed to, but it is playing the sequence of a set that is on the 0A controller that is not even hooked up. I added them into my sequence with the "insert Device" option so the channels would set themselves up. Anyone have any idea why it would be pulling from the other controllers sequence? Or did I not set them up correctly? Thanks Mike
  18. I had to reset the CMB24 controller. Somehow it was programmed as 3, 13 and 23 on my network. It was pulling the sequence from the other two controllers on my network at the same time. It was very odd. But a simple redo with the configuration solved my issue.
  19. I have a very large enclosure for both of my dual pixie setups. Both of them have two vents in the back. The enclosure is light grey and even in the 100+ def temps I never had any heat problems. no heat problems from my single controller enclosure that do not have any vents. It’s up to you. If you don’t already have vents I can Provide you with info tomorrow. Mr. P was kind enough to help me figure out that Pixcon. Thanks for the kind words and you are welcome, any time. JR
  20. Mike you should tell everyone how you solved the problem it helps everyone to know .
  21. I am working with LOR now. So far no go. Going to need to set up a remote session to try and fix it.
  22. After much troubleshooting I have solved my problem! Thanks to all that helped! Now to figure out why my pixels are doing the same thing...im sure I did something else backwards. i did have a case open for this. You can go ahead and close it out mike
  23. dibblejr Thank you for posting the instructions. I had forgotten about them. They will be a great help.... You were a great help to me last year when I had hit a road block and assisted me with the Pixcon16. You were a life saver. Now using the Pixie16 and 8 I had bought last year before the Pixcon16 to build this Matrix display for the Fire Department. AGAIN cannot say enough good about how you helped..... Do you think I should put a vent in the front door to help the air flow through? It would give air circulation to the controller.
  24. Last week
  25. Since i am kind of new with only 2 years expeince so far, i hear you. I started with S4 and upgraded this year but so far S5 has actually made a few things easier. I also just got a pixel tree and i can tell you what i did but i at least had some familiarity with the new concepts. I went into the sequencer. The first thing i did was expand the window in the upper right that said Preview. I created a preview with just one prop, the pixel tree, you can add it easily just click add item, and then light-o-Rama props (online) and select the pixel tree. It had the 400 light, it you more, just update the counts. It made it kind of big by default so i resized it a bit so the perspective looked more like a tree. I then saved this with a name of JustTree, but you can call it anything. I then created an animation sequence, no music which basically gave me a blank 1 minute canvas. I used the zoom time out option in the center of the screen, looks like >!< to make the minute cross the whole screen. I then clicked on the motion effect icon (colored swirl on the right) and that changed the cursor to a pencil. I then drug the first 10 seconds and let go. When you do that, the motion effect generator popped up. From there, i selected different effects, you can see them in the generator as well as to what they do, so i picked some i liked and then repeated the process for the next 10 seconds until i had 60 seconds worth. I then clicked the play icon and watched the tree animate in the preview window. That is the basic concept. You can now change it around. Doing it this way, the next thing that was nice was that when i got the pixel tree hooked up, I just had to configure the channels and hook it into the network and I was now controlling the real tree. As i noted in another post, i have it setup on a stand in the office. You can then move on the musical sequences where you start with a musical track and repeat the same process.
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