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  2. With the Basic Plus license the best you can do is four Unit IDs or four CTB16PCG3 controllers which is 64 channels. Being new I am guessing that you will be using these controllers. All LOR controllers use Unit IDs as addresses and the number of Unit IDs that you can use is limited by your license, a Basic Plus license allows you to use four. If you want to use more controllers then you need to up your license level. The mini director and card you will be using can handle more then four. Compare license levels here: http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-suite-levels/
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  4. I haven't ordered it yet, won't be until September. I'm just starting off with the basic plus I think it's called. Just needing to know how many controllers the TSO card can support without having to sequence additional controllers. I don't have time for sequencing at the current time.
  5. Another factor is your license which you have not updated in your profile. Your license level will also determine the number and type of controllers you can run. Please update your license level and software version in your profile so we can see what you are working with. If you haven't purchased the software yet then let us know the level you are considering.
  6. Diddo, I would love to see your creation on this one as well. Sonomaaz2003@aol.com Thanks again in advance for another great sequence!
  7. Can I get a copy please James. Sonomaaz2003@aol.com
  8. This sounds interesting! Can I get a copy, please Sonomaaz2003@aol.com
  9. I just want everything mapped out and ready so I can get straight to wiring everything when it gets here.
  10. I'm getting the can be modified card that comes with the starter kit. I'm wondering if 64 channels is the max that that card supports without having to manually add and sequence additional controllers.
  11. That’s why there are some of us that share sequences , to help others get started and they learn by studying what we do. Visit the “shared sequence” section and ask for what sequences you like. You only have to buy the mp3. JR
  12. Could I get a copy? Thank you in advance keiths@prtcnet.org
  13. I'll be getting the one I can modify and would like to get the pro license off the bat. That's what most people recommend anyway.
  14. There are quite a few variables here that are going to make it next to impossible to give you a firm answer. "Without having to program any" - Well, if you are going with an SD Card to run the show (ie., director) then you can run as many controllers as the show is programmed for (what's on the SD card.) That brings us to the next point ... programming. If the card can be edited, someone has to edit it. Without programming anything it's going to be quite difficult to change the SD card. Someone, somewhere will have to edit it.
  15. It is pretty overwhelming. I've been decorating for years, but not to this extent with this many channels. I just know I don't have the time or know-how for sequencing yet.
  16. It depends on if the card is locked or not. In this hobby they will do whatever you design as long as you have the correct license level and want to learn. JR
  17. Ok, otherwise they won't do anything? So 64 channels is the max, correct?
  18. I got into this in January. Everyone warned me that it is addicting, and boy they were not kidding! I said I wouldn't do pixels, but changed my mind once I bought some at the Spring Sale to experiment. Like the look of them. I will be running pixels and AC this year. I was advised to just go with the pro license and I'm glad I did. Sequencing can be overwhelming but the folks in this forum are more than helpful even when you have ridiculous questions and are not very clear with what you want. Learning the terminology is critical too. Otherwise this might as well be in French. My favorite item so far are the 10 watt Floods. I set them up as landscape lighting and can theme my house to every holiday! Lit it up blue for Police awareness week and Fathers Day, Pink for Mothers day, rainbow for Pride Week and will be running my first show for the 4th of July. This is truly a hobby worth trying. The end results make the trouble of getting there worth it. I run samples every few nights to see it all come together and already the kids in my neighborhood are coming to check it out. If I get time, I will add in a few surprises for them. I even found a topic on here on how to get a fog machine to work on the LOR commands. It is an amazing effect! Have fun with it and I hope you are able to learn as much as I have in such a short amount of time!
  19. Originally I was just going to start with 32 channels, but I started working with a fellow enthusiast and in exchange for my labor, he's given me multiple controllers, leds, and a mega tree so far. In the description it states that up to 64 channels can be used, but on the preview video, it shows multiple controllers being used (more than 4 anyway). I'm purchasing the card that can be edited for the future, but I'm just wanting to plug and play for a couple years until I get some practice in with the sequencing. Thanks in advance.
  20. You can add as many controllers as you can buy but you will have to add the extra controllers to the sequence and either sequence them or copy paste. However you must have the “unlocked” LOR sequence SD card to view or make changes to the sequence. There is a price difference for the unlocked version. Or you can add more lights for props to your currently useable controllers. Mr Christmas’s and the jail broken Mr. Christmas’s is no comparison to what you can I with LOR controllers. JR
  21. I've actually just recently got to order some SPT-1 and vampire plugs and have gotten a little experience in making some cords for this year. I'm learning a lot as of late.
  22. Ok, well a lot has changed. How many controllers can you run on the TSO sd card show? I started helping a local guy with his display changing everything over to pixels and in exchange for my labor, he's been giving me his old LED's and controllers. I saw that you can add up to 3 controllers in addition to the starter kit for a total of 4 controllers (64 channels). Though, on the preview video they list multiple controllers using up to 6 controllers (96 channels). On that specific show card, can I use 96 channels? Again, not modifying the card (yet), just plugging it in.
  23. Can you please email to colley.christmas@gmail.com Thanks
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  25. July is when I start looking for songs. My display is much more simple than 99% of y'all, so I don't need a full year to program. The MOST exciting news is that my company bought a drone and has given me permission to have our resident drone flight manager come to my house to record my show this year! I'm SO excited about that!!!
  26. Hey, if you are going to keep buying everything I recommend (I see the soldering station, the ferrule crimper, looks like a box of ferrules), the next thing you need is the Panavise 350, and the 315 Circuit Board Holder. Truth be told: The Panavise is top of the line when it comes to small vises like this. However, I rarely use mine. I use the tray base for sorting small screws/parts while working on stuff 10x more than I use the vise part. 15 years ago when I soldered around 25 boards in a single summer I would have used it all day long. For quick repairs that I tend to do now, a simple 12x12 piece of un-glazed floor tile works for me. I see that little wimpy magnifier you have. If you are of advancing years (such as yours truly), get a lighted desk mount one with a decent size. I have one exactly like this, but I think you can do better on the price than $63. 5x is a good power, and the lights really help. (Side Bar: Great for finding and removing splinters in your hands!). It is much more comfortable to sit in front of one of these, where you can put it right in front of your face to look through and work instead of squinting through one of those smaller inspection magnifiers.
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