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  2. May I get a copy Please. Your so kind.. I with I could watch you program for a day to get the hang of it. kittymskitt@aol.com
  3. Hello, has anyone sequences the Game of thrones theme song and would be willing to share? Thanks Gonzo
  4. I would love to see what you've come up with. cswisher@kmwperformance.com Please and thanks!
  5. Yesterday
  6. Best answer is to watch this video. You will see some of the ways that the arches are used. One of these days I will get more videos shot, edited, and uploaded...
  7. For now I would just be using them for timers on LED strands. Then in the future some animation.
  8. Jim, Thanks for the feed back. I'm not sure how to compare SuperStar to Groups. Do you have your 6 arches all doing the same function or do you break it down in SS, meaning 1 arch might be Blue and the next one Red, or all left to right etc Thanks, Jack
  9. I just have one group for my six 50 pixel arches. Note that I do essentially all my sequences in SuperStar (which was made far more difficult with S5).
  10. Mr.P, Correct, 25 Pixels / 75 Channels each Arch, had it this way first then I changed it for some reason????
  11. I am hoping you meant 25 pixels per arch and not 25 channels. those would be some very small arches. 😀
  12. A little back ground info., I am taking 2- CCRll RGB Ribbons and making 8 mini-Arches each one with 25 channels per arch. (I wanted to add a sketch but it's to large of file 825 kbytes???). I made a group for Arches A-1 and A-2, and then a Group for B-1 and B-2, and then a Master Group that covers all 4 mini Arches, this covers the first controller, so then I copied everything for the 2nd controller and made all the changes that was needed when copying and ended up with: GROUP A, GROUP B, MASTER GROUP A/B, GROUP C, GROUP D, AND MASTER GROUP C/D, then I made a "ALL Group Arches" group. This all takes a lot of room in the sequence page, you also have the 8 Arches, SO, the question is for all of you that have done this, is their a better way, do you use all the different set ups, etc. Thanks, Jack Using S5 ver 5.2.4 pro
  13. Total newbie thinking about doing a small pixel piece for this coming year. I was thinking of getting the below Boscoyo Studio Santa Hat matrix https://www.boscoyostudio.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_56&products_id=242 I want to do an outline of the hat than on the matrix piece I want to be able to scroll a message. I wanted to trigger this prop to turn on when a donation is made. Can I use the input pup to trigger the pixel controller? Not sure what I would need or even how to program this prop. Any help is much appreciated.
  14. Last week
  15. I must have this one! Please share. thomasmule81@yahoo.com as you can see my last name in the email...many people mention it to me around Christmas time! Thank you in advance!
  16. I just ordered some 4 gauge cable for a subpanel I am installing from this site. Best price around. The price for the SPT-1 is really good too. If it only had free shipping it would be the best. If I was in a rush I would have got it from this site. My other order comes much later. Thanks though, it is bookmarked for future purchases (as I guess we all come to find out we get more and more)
  17. LOL I had to go down the Google search to the 7th entry, the first 6 were all Cord blood websites. Right now the price is $0.17 for black or $0.21 for green. Not the best price I have seen. Thanks though I'll keep checking for sales and reductions!
  18. Older CCB are 5V. The wire size (+ and -) needs to be lots bigger to avoid voltage drop. (5V also has tighter limits 5% VS 10%). While 18ga might be fine for a 10' @12V, you need at least 14ga for 5V
  19. Mr P is spot on with the issues. If security is the issue you are trying to solve: LOR or Cable Guard enclosures are designed for outdoor mounting. Install 'hard to remove Ground Anchors (sunken below surface if in a lawn area) and chain/cable the controller stand/pole to it. Time is the enemy of a 'snatch and grab'. Make it time consuming. One of my controllers has long bolts (the heads are inside) sticking out the back with a U-bolt strap that goes around a steel sign post . I use 'jam nuts' over the main ones. You need 2 wrenches just to start the release. (once loose, you can align the flat and use a deep socket on the cordless). If Water is the reason, plan some shelter (k6ccc has stuff in a brick post) or make the prop or bush supply shelter. Flat on the ground is not a great plan. both enclosures are intended to be mounted wit openings DOWN and above ground (~18")
  20. Suggest you consider running two networks. Regular for your CTB16 and High speed (enhanced) for your CCBs. It will require you to purchase an additional adaptor and some extra Cat5/6 wire but will give you more expansion opportunity.
  21. I took the chance and extended a couple of older CCB strings with 4 conductor wire to allow easier access to the controller on the roof. Both were extended approximately 10' with no issue and have been running in my show for a number of years. Just spliced in a length of 4 conductor wire between the connector and the bulbs. My thought was if it doesn't work I will just remove the extension. Remember any modifications will void your warranty.
  22. May I have a copy? Thank you! willtamharr at gmail dot com
  23. Hello, Fire it up, May I have a copy also? willtamharr at gmail dot com
  24. I would like a copy please. Thanks. gladsons@comcast.net
  25. I'd like the matrix portion of this if possible. Thanks! gladsons@comcast.net
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