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  2. I have a picture with the measurements..... holiday coro charges 150$ for this service....... i was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me with my layout...... probably not... but its worth a try......
  3. Get the winch system. There are youtube videos or you can buy the kit from Christmaslightshow com. You can get some net lights if you do not have RGB (for your chimney) that's what I did in NY. JR
  4. Thanks for posting them Bob.
  5. Just wish he had turned the lights out in the video to see what they look like in the dark spinning around.
  6. Canispater Christmas has a video on putting these together that you might want to check out. https://blog.canispater.com/2019/10/🎄rgb-pixel-sphere-prop-build-2019-🎄/
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  8. That's cool! Kind of a departure from the other stuff on his website.
  9. Looking at these: http://www.seabreezeparachutes.com/stsphere.html
  10. I'm right there with you. I wish the people at LOR would at least give us an idea about new effects. I have seen other responses to posts, but this one has not seen any from the LOR guys.
  11. I agree. Some new effects would be great. Especially for spinners and snowflakes. A lot of my sequencing for these props were done at the individual pixel level to get the effect I needed.
  12. I upgraded to S5 last night and was highly disappointed in the motion effects. I wanted to do more with my spinner this year as I currently do it all by hand. Is there a way to do a real spiral swirl with a spinner? I would have thought that would be a default effect... but nope. I guess I will continue to learn Xlights...
  13. The entire Help is available as a PDF or EPUB at http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-software-download/ (Scroll down a bit - there is a table with all the versions and formats) I sat down and read the whole thing last summer (for the current version of S5 at that time) and I found it very helpful. It can be a little odd in that it is the same material as the built-in help in the program, so the order of pages is occasionally a little weird for reading straight through, but it isn't difficult to jump around a little as needed. I have kept it on my eReader and often pull it up when I am trying to work my way through something new.
  14. Jim thanks for the info, But I'm still using S4 would that be a problem ? Dennis
  15. Hello light freeks! I finally upgraded my software...I was running S3.10.14 Advanced and now I have S5.3.14 Advanced. I have all my props drawn and channels set. Loaded old sequences and resaved them to the new extension format and all plays in preview. Everything looks so new. Right now I am only using dumb nodes but thinking of making the jump into smart nodes. I am going on vacation soon and wondering if there is anything I can download to start reading. I hear there is a big learning curve and perhaps some reading will give me a jump for when I get back from vacation. Anything I should know...look at...looking forward to learning something new. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  16. Just a larger matrix, so more channels. If you are replacing your P10 with same size P5 (double the number pixels in both X and Y axis), and want the same sequencing, you will need to scale the sequencing. Both SuperStar and Motion Effect in S5 will do that easily. I have both a 3W x 2H P5 matrix(192 x 64 pixels), and a 4W x 3H P10 matrix (128 x 48 pixels) with the same programming. Once I lay something out in the P10, it's seconds to put the same effect on the P5. I am using Motion Effects for my panels because either one exceeds my 12,000 channel SuperStar license.
  17. Caniac I see your changing your P10 panels to P5 , I have been running 6 P10 panels with raspberry Pi 3 for 2 years now sequencing thru L O R how difficult is it to switch to the P5 panels ? Thanks Dennis
  18. Now that I'm not trying to do this on my phone, I will give a longer answer. I have run two rows of GE Color Effects bulbs on my eves since 2014 and on the roof peak since 2017. Here's a view from a different angle: You can see examples of how I used it in this video at about 2:50. You can also tell that I do not conceal the fact that there are two rows of lights. The mounting clip for the GECE bulbs made dual mounting very easy. They are smart RGB, so I can make each bulb whatever color I want. To make the house "hop", I turn off the lower bulbs and turn on the upper bulbs - typically for 100mSec, then back to the lower bulb. There are several ways to accomplish that, but since I do almost all my sequencing in SuperStar, most of the time, I have a SuperStar Image with the bulbs in whatever colors they happen to be at that time, and apply the image to a different group of bulbs to make it hop. You can also do that with Scenes, but that is more trouble since you have to have a separate Scene for each color.
  19. Well, of course. They day after the contest closes Vimeo fixes the upload ratio on my account and I can add the final videos. So, you can just use the Page 1/Page 2 links at the top of my thread to see all the videos. The individual song links will not be working any longer so I can clear some space on my OneDrive account. Of course, now there is a Page 3.
  20. PM me your email and I send them over. They are to big to post on here for some reason. The case is from Holidaycoro and it's the CG-1500. The power supply is from LOR. It's the 12v 200 watt power supply. No heat sink. The first 3 controllers, I ran my RGB faces off of. The next 2 ran my door columns and the last 2 ran my house and mini trees. The last 2 are in a waterproof toolbox that I made for it's a case. It has a 2 each of the HC 350watt or 400watt power supplies in it. One for each board. I would need to open it up and verify the actual size. I also installed the light connector plugs into the front of the toolbox so I would not have to open it up. Just plug your lights into the front connectors of the toolbox. There are 16 plugs mounted into the front of the toolbox. I can send pictures of this as well. It's a pretty neat setup and was the route I was going before moving to all smart pixels. I do have another CG-1500 and power supply that I can mount one of those in. Yes I put them together myself. I will do a video tonight after work and post it. That seems to be the easiest way instead of trying to upload the pictures. Why such a small size for pictures, I don't know...
  21. That’s it good old school prop still needs fine tuned and what lights plus channel pattern
  22. Bob, he's got some nice stuff, well put together. I've seen it in person its been a while though but he's a great guy, trustworthy. JR
  23. Can you post pictures here? What case and what power supply? Is there a heat sink? Did you assemble yourself?
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