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  2. I also have several strips fail with nodes out on them that were new last year. Wayne
  3. There is no way to open a .lms file in Superstar. You will need to go back to the vendor and ask for the .sup file.
  4. One of my 4 channel controllers isn't behaving correctly. When I turn all the channels on in hardware utility mode only 2 of the 4 channels come on but they go out in a couple seconds. When I plug it in directly with cat 5 cable they all work ok. HELP!!!
  5. The lights are staying on or off random. I did find two loose connections, which I fixed. But, one of the ones I fixed stayed on after a few sequences. Def a mystery...
  6. agree, just open and let the migration do the work but if you actually copied, watch out for the paste by setting near the top of the page, which defaults to cell, which means it pastes 1 cell from the copied data to one cell in the new sequence. if the original had a variable timing grid and the new one has a fixed grid for example, it would paste 1 variable cell into 1 fixed grid cel which of course would be no where near what you wanted. Be sure to set paste by time to get an exact match Also, useful when copying from s shared sequence when you don't have the exact grid.
  7. I bought a sequence from a vendor for my 16 ribbon tree. It is an lms file and it looks like it's all dmx. I need a way to open this in superstar and import it into s5. I know that there is a way to do it because I bought sequences from him last year and I have them in my show. I'm just drawing a blank on how i did it. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks
  8. I would also like a copy please kcurryb7@gmail.com I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share.
  9. Today
  10. Since you can't have S4 and S5 open at the same time on the same PC, how did you copy timings over. It is much easier to upgrade the whole sequence by simply opening the .LMS sequence in S5 and upgrading using one of the options offered. At this stage of the season, I would stick with what you know in S4 until the new year. S5 is a big leap from S4 and takes a while to get the hang of.
  11. Some of these might help. The paths to your documents can change with Windows version Did you copy the ENTIRE contents of the LOR data folder including \commondata and lorinternal, Is the preview present and displaying. You may need to reassign it on the new machine if the paths are different. Is the adaptor and drivers installed, and on the same Com port, look in Device Manager. Did you open each sequence, reassociate the audio, and save. You may need to recreate the play files by running a show on demand, (takes a while) watch the LOR status log to see if any errors are happening in the show.
  12. I believe you are exactly right with my problem. I'm still not getting a correct file name to be found. How do I know the music format? This is how it is listed in my LOR file. C:\Users\Douglas\Light-o-rama\audio
  13. An uninstall/reinstall will not remove your data files and folders. That being said, you should ALWAYS have a backup of your data, just in case.
  14. Could you please add a Clear all Button as well as a select all row per each Freqs box? Please and thank you!
  15. Make sure you save your sequences and audio folders to put back in after your install.
  16. First, make sure that none of your controllers got wet. Then I would start to do hard resets on each controller.
  17. Sent to all that agree to the agree post 6 post up
  18. Mr. P, That is correct all of a sudden it went bonkers.Nothing changed except the weather. No additions or subtractions.Nothing done to the PC.I do not know if it was just the rain. It has rained and sleeted prior to this rainfall. Nothing out of the ordinary happened back then.
  19. So the show has run perfect every night since Thanksgiving and just all of a sudden it went haywire? First question, what changed? Did you add something or take away? Change a setting or do something on the computer? Was it just the rain, is this the first time it has rained since the show started?
  20. So I just transitioned to a new computer. I installed the s5 software suite on my new computer. I copied all songs/backup files, etc from my old computer to my new one. I updated the path for songs so it reads them from my new computer. Whenever I go to play the show (just did a simple show builder and ran show on demand), there is no music and the lights just blink erradically (which is a whole other problem in itself). My question is, why wont it play my music or anything correctly?
  21. Hey Everyone, I know that this is a bad time for everyone with your shows going on and the Holidays. I have been doing LOR for 11 years now. You would think that I should know just about everything by now. Ha Ha. The show has been working flawlessly since Thanksgiving night. Last night at the start time of the show it was like demons took over. None of the lights and props were doing what they should have been doing and the lights were way off if they worked properly at all. Channels not coming on or just staying on. First thoughts were it was raining and very wet. GFCI'S not tripping. I restarted all of the controllers and the Laptop. Same result as before. Nothing working as it should. I have a brand new Light O Rama Usb Converter with Voltage Booster 485. Took my orignal one out and put the new one in. Still same problem. Ran the hardware utility. 13 ctb 16 residental controllers found. All looks good.. I have no idea what the problem is. My next project is going to be to go outside and look at all of the cat 5 cables and the jacks on the controllers. If need be I will replace all of the cat 5. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Also if this helps the show is not running and the lights flash and chase all by themselves for a very short time and then stop. Thanks all in advance, Joe Polenchar
  22. Thanks. I didn't see that page to download any software or I didn't scroll down far enough to see it.
  23. VERY COOL! I have a grandson that has a similar problem so I can relate...
  24. Since you installed the newer version of the software, do a complete un-install and delete the Light-o-rama directory in c:\program files or c:\ program files (x86). Then install the old version.
  25. Question, when you made the tie down to the tree, did you add a drip loop to the cord? When I had a tree in my old home, I used to tie my cords to the limbs and trunk of the tree too, but at each connection site, I looped the cord and then the female end was placed a bit more sideways after the drip loop, but elevated slightly next to the loop usually about 1-2" down from the top of loop, this way water would go to the loop and drip off, even in a gully-washer, my connections never got water in them, if the cords would have just been straight down the tree, I can bet they'd have had similar issues as you've experienced. So if you aren't using drip loops, add them to your cord connections that run along areas that get a lot of water. I also use a zip tie to keep the loop secured and in place, or large plastic screw down C clamps that'll hold things in place. Even Duct or electrical tape is okay for holding a drip loop together, but I prefer the zip ties, just more secure {and no sticky mess as with tape!}. But however you do it, as long as the drip loop can serve it's purpose, you're good.
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