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  2. I'm very interested in a sequence with this song as well. If you you're willing to share, would be very happy to get a copy. (I only have traditional lights, no RGB/pixels/matrix/etc). Thanks in advance! the5prescotts@gmail.com This sequence will be used in our personal display only, and will not be sold. Again, thanks!
  3. Just wondering is anyone is willing to share I have a bunch of sequences to swap. Let me know 🙂
  4. Yes, they do have a link - unfortunately, it is not available from that source. Lesson learned - always check the music file link before purchasing the sequence.
  5. First of all, let's standardize on some terminology. I am going to assume that the drawing above is for a single string of 50 pixels connected to one port of the Pixie controller. That would be one circuit (although that term is generally not used). That would be one output or port from the controller. That is NOT a "channel". That string would consist of 50 pixels, which uses 150 channels. Each output on a Pixie controller uses one Unit ID. Therefore, if you assign Unit ID 10 for that Pixie controller, that will be for the first output port. The second port would be Unit ID 11. Up to output port 16 would be Unit ID 1F (remember that the Unit IDs count in Hex). BTW, you can assign any valid Unit ID on any LOR network. You absolutely could have Unit ID 01 on the Regular Network, Unit ID 01 on the AuxA network, and Unit ID 01 on the AuxB network, etc. I do NOT recommend that as it is confusing to us humans - but it would work just fine. So your concept of using IDs 01 - 0F for your regular network and 10 - 1F for your AuxA network makes sense. That is exactly what I do as well - with my AuxB network having Unit IDs 20 - 2F assigned. In my case, none of my networks are using all 16 IDs in their range. As for your specific layout, you complicated it a little with pixels 20 & 41 on the bottom. I assume you did that because of wire length between pixels when you eliminated half the pixels from the original design. If it were me, I would insert the couple inches of wire at those two points so that all five segments were 10 pixels - but I can solder wire (and I know some people can't). I will momentarily be sending you a preview file and two prop files to your E-Mail address.
  6. It would be helpful to know your exact setup (type and number of controllers, etc.). Are you running your show from a computer or from a mini-director? When you talk about the hardware test, are you using the Hardware Utility to do this? Assuming you're using the Hardware Utility for your tests, it sounds like when you turn on channel 1 in the HU, the lights plugged into channel 1 come on, correct? If that's true, then I would double check your channel configurations in the Sequence Editor. Bring up your sequence in SE and click on a channel. A Channel Settings box will open that shows the type of controller, network, unit (i.e. controller address) and Circuit (i.e. Channel number). You'll want to verify that all of the settings are correct. I would also use the LOR Verifier tool to verify that there aren't any errors in your sequences (i.e. channels defined more than once, etc.).
  7. I would surely hope that lor has a link to get the music somewhere or else they need to take this purchase down. I'm bummed because my kids were super excited about this one as was I. Any help would be great.
  8. Never mind. We fixed them. We unplugged all five boxes and replugged them in. All working now.
  9. Today
  10. You have a very generic LOR graphic linked. I did look at it. Try reading what I inserted in between my screen captures. It tells you what is different from my captures to what you need.
  11. Jason, it looks like you picked a sequence for a song that is hard to find. The LOR store gives the Amazon item number (which in this case is a CD), but that is unavailable with no expected date given. I did a search and it looks like a few places have it for streaming but I'm not a member so I couldn't play it nor do I know if you can download it from those sources. Hopefully someone will have it and can share it with you. Yes, I know that sharing music is a copyright violation, but if it is not available for purchase, ya gotta do what ya gotta do...
  12. Ducks Thanks, I was remembering something but didn't check myself, I was just sure the 50 foot would not be a problem.
  13. the 300 (100M) for number is for Ethernet, not RS485
  14. I tried reversing the chain and connected #1 to #3 and then #3 to #2 and I got solid lights and everything is now working!! I'm so happy I feel like crying. I appreciate everyone's help. If anyone has a theory why I would love to know. Ray
  15. You shouldn't have an issue with 50 foot cat5 cables, cat5 is usually good for 300 feet I believe, I know I am connecting one controller with a 100 foot cat5 and no issues. Remember what Phil said, sometimes the cat5 is flakey you might fix it or cause a problem just plugging and unplugging. If you can get them to work by just moving cables go for it, I must have 2 dozen cat5 cables and then I bought the cat5 tester and a crimper for cat5 plugs and cables along with a buch of connectors.
  16. 4000' is the total length of a chain of cables. You ain't even close 😛 You are describing bent pins or cracked trace symptoms AND PLEASE It is a 'CAT5 cable'. E1.31 uses Ethernet (found on the Pixcon). We don't want newbies attaching a RS485 port to an Ethernet switch just because the cables look the same
  17. My show computer died yesterday - YES, I have a full backup..... I copies all of my files over from the backup disk to the new Light-O=Rama folder. Everything works fine EXCEPT none of my graphics show up (graphics=jpg, gif, png files I have created to display on my matrix. The path it is looking for is C:\Users\jamills\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Graphics\filename.ext. But on the new PC it references things as \ThisPC instead of 😄\Users\jamills Seems like I should need to go "someplace" and set the correct file path to my graphics folder inside the Light-O-Rama folder ---- but (perhaps in my frustration) I can't seem to find where to do that. Can anyone help me with this information. I hate to think I have to go into every sequence and repoint the many, many, many graphics files to the new location manually. BTW - using S5
  18. What model 'boxes'? Define 'Bad" (this usually is a list of expect vs results) Tell us about how it is hooked up.
  19. I'm a newbie. Just getting my sequences ready to load onto an SC card. I've seen comments about setting the intensity of the lights down to about 70% . I know these LED's are pretty bright. SO, to do this after all the items have been put into a preview and the sequencing is done.... Is that what the "INTENSITY" button on the sequencer is for? If I want to change everything all at once? Would I choose the "Third Quarter" Option. Or is this for something else altogether???
  20. I did some additional testing. On controller #2 I plugged the USB/ Ethernet cable into the 2nd port. The light started flashing until I ran the Hardware scan. It then went solid green and I was able to see the controller #2 and turn lights on and off. Then, I connected Controller #3 to #2 and it started flashing again. I left it connected and went to controller #3 and plugged the USB/Ethernet into the 2nd RJ port. Controller #2 and #3 were flashing until I ran a hardware scan. Then everything was solid and I was able to control the lights on controller #2 and #3. I was not able to see controller #1 when I did a scan on either unit but that is the main one and seems to be working. I wanted to leave some lights on so I disconnected #3 and the controller #1 and #2 are running. If i plug an Ethernet cable into #2 that is not connected to anything it causes #2 to start flashing. I then tried a short (8') cable and it didn't. I then tried another long cable (50') and it also caused it to flash. I then took both of the long cables that make it flash and used them to connect unit 1 and 2 together to test the cables and everything worked fine. Am I running into a cable length issue? - I have one 50' connecting 1 to 2 and a 2nd connecting 2 to 3. This is driving me insane...
  21. Sorry I can't offer any real help with S4, it has been so long since I used it. My offer still applies with hosting and posting pics. If you take some snaps of your setup I can post them here, maybe some one will see an issue. To take screen captures (using win 10) Press the Start Button once, then start typing "snipping tool" (there will be no where to type, just start typing) you will see a link to the "snipping tool" app pop up, run it and take your snapshots. You have my email, send them and I will post them in your other thread. Hope this helps. Alan...
  22. Depends on the age of the controller. http://www1.lightorama.com/set-unit-id/
  23. Maybe test those 2 controllers to see if they are working. Check the fuses.
  24. Have been working for six hours to get everything plugged in today, only to discover two of my five boxes might be bad. They are the two I added to my show last year. *sigh*
  25. I guess I should have updated the status on this issue. I was never able to fix it. I had to move to a different computer, now I have completely different issues. I posted looking for help under the heading "nothing is working correctly"
  26. Oh I'm sure they are set to the same thing... where are the selector switches? On the actual controller outside? Or is that something I change in the computer?
  27. agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share"
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