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Insert a channel

Rick Hughes

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I'm having a "senior" moment ... and I didn't think I was all that senior just yet.

I'm certain in the past I've been able to insert a channel in the middle of an existing configuration ... but I can't find it today.

The only thing I found was in the Channel Property Grid to add a channel or add a controller, and they are added at the end of the configuration.

Where'd I go astray?

Many thanks ...

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I don't think you can do it from the Channel Property Grid -- like you said, it always adds new channels at the end -- but you can do it from the regular portion of the sequence itself:

Right click on a channel's button (i.e. the button on the left hand side that shows the channel's name), and a menu will pop up. Among the menu items will be several that should help with what you want to do:

  • Insert Channel Above
  • Insert Channel Below
  • Insert Multiple Channels Above
  • Insert Multiple Channels Below

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