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Easter Display


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First year with LOR and could not wait for Christmas, so I did a small Easter display. Looks like I also need to learn how the take video of the displays too. The Easter eggs that the rabbits jump over do not show up well on the video. Any suggestions on taping?

Same display shot with a different camera. The audio is just a few milliseconds off(I stripped off the cameras audio and added the mp3 file I used), but you get the idea.

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Nice job! Creative, and certainly good use of color and sequencing effects. The video will come with time and practice (I hope -- I've only got one Xmas display under my belt, and the video wasn't all that great) and money. Where did you get the wireframes (at least they appear to be wireframes)?


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I had enough fun with Christmas. I was going to do the 4th of July but don't have time. I need to work on my Halloween display. I figured I would add one display a year. This year Halloween next year will be the 4th of July. Dont think I am ready for easter anytime soon. Nice job on the easter.

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This will make my third year with LOR displays. Last year I could not wait for Christmas and began a 4th of July program for 32 channels. I also put a Halloween program together. Then when Christmas came around I ran out of time and did not get to sequence my programs as I wanted to.

I was able to import my 4th of July sequences into some Christmas music and then tweaked a few places to try and fit the sequencing to the music at least a little bit. No one seemed to notice that the programming was the same as the 4th of July sequences.

This year I am going to focus my efforts on Christmas as I still am limited with my time. I will recycle my Halloween this year. Christmas will be bigger and better than ever this year. Have fun and enjoy. Watching other videos is fun and I appreciate others willingness to share.

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I would second that on the video aspect of things. A tripod makes a huge difference in low light. No matter how nice of a camera you have there is usually someone else you know that has a better one. Ask them if they would like to come experiment on videoing your display. Most are usually willing cause they enjoy using their camera and be able to show it off.

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Guest Don Gillespie

Nice display did you make the rabbits yourself? I am jealus as in Canada it doesn't get dark untill 8 or 9 oclock this time of the year and in the summer its light until 10 or 11 so no sense in me doing a display as I am old and sleeping by 9 or 9:30 has ha

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