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Is there anything that would cause the Beat Wizard NOT to apply the timings all the way to the end of the song?

In the Beat Wizard it shows the Time Range (0:00:00 to 3:31:81) that it says it will apply the timings to, but it stops at about 3:27:60.

It is a song that has many different timings (a different one in each track) but this track got messed up because of my "Copied Channels" (on another post). So I "Delete Selected Timings" (the entire song) and then went to use the Beat Wizard to create the timings back the way they were...

But alas...it won't put the timings all the way to the end of the song...


Never Mind!!! Last night I had "trimmed" the audio in Audacity and switched out the Audio, but there was still some filled in cells past the time length of the "new" song in one of the tracks, so of course the Beat Wizard was only putting the timings till the end of the new song...

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