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My new dmx rig


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Actually, I would love to just have four of those Tempest enclosures for the moving heads I already have... lol

I am expanding the dmx gear a little this season though. I added a Qscan 250 which will live in the z-tree and do gobos back onto the house, 8 flame generators, Some old school ADJ Sparkles and on the lookout for some Martin Atomic strobes if I can get a good deal on some used ones. here's my equipment list

4 x Elation Focus Spot Pro 250R moving heads
1 x Chauvet Qscan 250 moving mirror (new for 2010)

Wash / Effects:
4 x ADJ P64 LED Pro par cans
16 x Chauvet Colorsplash JR Led Par cans
4 x Chauvet DMX Abyss effect lights
7 x American DJ Sparkle
1 x ADJ Sunray II

8 x LPG Flame Generators
4 x Antari Z1200 DMX Foggers
3 x Animated Lighting DMX Snow Machines

Truss / Rigging:
4 x 10' Global Truss 12" triangular
2 x Global Truss Base Plates

And thanks to Dan's awesome free firmware upgrade... the same single iDMX :(

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