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Mouth movements


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Back around halloween someone posted a mouth anamation chart , I didn't save the post or link. I have looked and looked and can't find the post. Does anyone have the post?

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Here are a few of sites you may find useful when sequencing mouth movements:




If you are making something of your own design, some of the sounds (positions) can be combined into one position for ease of sequencing. For my “Talking Elf” (the picture under my name) I made six mouth shapes:

1 Resting (smile), M, B, P

2 A, I, L

3 E, L

4 O

5 U, W, Q

6 Consonants

I had two more channels assigned to Eyes Open and Blink.

- Dave

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When I did my mouth movements for Frosty this past year I used the Wave Form feature in the LOR software. Everytime there was a spike was in the wave form I opened the mouth. The mouth movements are very close to what the wave form shows you. Frosty's mouth came out great and totally looked like he was speaking.

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