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I cant figure out how to get the music from the CD to a LOR-usable form on my computer! I thought I understood the process, but obviously, I dont! Can anyone do a "step by step" walk thru for me???

Or, is there an online tutorial or book that explaines the process? Ya'll make it seem sooooo easy! I know that I can do it, but I just need to take the "remedial" course first!

  1. I found a great CD with jazzy, upbeat Christmas music.
  2. I downloaded "Audiograbber" and installed it.
  3. I disabled Windows Media PLayer, so I could use Autiograbber instead.
  4. I put the music CD into my computer.
  5. I started Audiograbber
  6. NOW WHAT???


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You need to rip the song from the CD to your audio folder in LOR. I use freerip program. You can get it at freerip.com. Then select the audio in your sequence edit to that song.


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I can only say that Audacity seems to be the favorite free editor for everyone. Not being familiar with Audiograbber, I went and looked at it... and was immediately confused.

I would honestly suggest uninstalling Audiograbber and downloading Audacity. You'll find it extremely easy to navigate and figure things out just by clicking around.



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LightORama wrote:

Hi Kathy,

I would not disable Windows Media Player....

Well, "disable" may have been too strong a word. What I did was change the properties so that all the different kinds of audio files did not automacally open with Windows Media Player. Sorry for any confusion!

Also thanks Dan, I will be checking those links!
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Thanks all! I finally got it installed and working....Now for the real work: SIEQUENCING!!

That is, after I figure out what I did with those pesky gridlines. I seem to have lost them...Not sure how I did that either, so cant backtrack and fix it....

Any ideas?

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