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Anyone have an inexpensive source for outdoor RJ45 connectors?


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Does anyone have an inexpensive source for 2 way outdoor RJ45 connectors like these?

I found them here for around $9 each, but I may be needing quite a few and was hoping someone had a less expensive supplier. Thanks.

I mainly need these for my z-tree. I am upgrading it to 265 channels this year. It's four 4.5' sections and the bottom two sections are split. I am going to premount the controllers in the tree sections and will need to connect them when I set it up. Otherwise, the connections are always inside the controller boxes...

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pikadroo wrote:
Yeah see that is what I would expect them to cost. I might just get some of these cuz I don't like the wear on the board plugging the jack in and out of the boards and running it thru the hole at the bottom of the box. I like, me want.


I don't think wear is an issue. You're connecting these just a few times a season (maybe once). Compare that to, say, a laptop that goes home every day and then gets an RJ45 plugged into it at work...

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bhays wrote:

I do make my own cables and  I may just use a short piece of pvc and two caps instead... these are a little nicer if they were inexpensive enough, though.

I'd be interested in seeing this. I have some connections that I just elevate and place in an inverted plastic bag, wire-tied on. It would be nice to have something a bit more robust.

How do you keep water from entering where the wire enters the PVC?
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