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Just a couple of things..

1) The reason I am putting this in a post is because I know the LOR guys have often said that they make changes depending on how many others ask for it via wishlist@lightorama.com, so here it is, in case others may want to say "yeah, that's a good idea" and send an email requesting it.

2) Having said that, this is to the LOR gurus. Any chance of having a new Topic Header (I.E. "LOR Hardware", "Cosmic Color Ribbon", LOR S2 Software Suite") where we can post our requests and call it something like "Wishlist" so we can see what others have requested and have the opportunity to send an email to wishlist@lightorama.com and say, "Yeah...I could really use that?"

3) So my "wish" is to have a way to "sort" the Channels, like in Excel. It would be nice to be able to sort it by the "Title" (name we give it), by "Color", "Unit" and/or "Circuit".

4) Perhaps it is already available and I don't know about it, but it also would be helpful to create all my channels (30 units with 480 Channels instead of the current max of 24 units per track) so it automatically adds the Unit and Circuit numbers and THEN we could highlight the ones we want and then "CLICK", add them to a track and name it.

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Part Two:

Having been setting up my 480 channels for the last couple of hours and not even being very close to being done, it would be nice to have something like the attached picture so we could do the following (I.E. More like Excel Commands):

1) Copy and Paste - So we could copy blocks of data such as Color when we are repeating a pattern such as RGBW.

2) Fill Series - The ability to add Circuit Numbers or Name Titles with one "Drag and Click"

3) Column Hide - So you could Hide them in the Sequence Editor after you are done setting them up.

4) Sort - As stated above, the ability to sort by any column so if you are wanting to do something with just your red lights, you could group them all together by a sort so it would be easier to sequence.

Attached files 198482=11074-Sequnece JPEG.jpg

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