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Off the boards for two weeks and missed.


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Nothing is simple. Things got nasty and I reacted to it. The "discussion" became way too personal. That is it....

But as I said things are never that simple... Unless you are a little loose in the head (like me:)) it takes two (or more ) people to argue and there are always at least two sides to any story. Perhaps I should have handled things differently but I am a non-confrontational person and when I see conflict it is difficult for me to understand the purpose or why it drags on and escalates!

Some people get involved for noble reasons but other seem to get joy out of it and want it to escalate.

Of course this was not a fun thing for me at all. I do not like being pressed into making a decision and I do not take lightly. Lately it has been a bit rough in the forums. It seems like every day I see posts that I just do not understand why someone would write such things.

Please give posters a chance. If someone posts something negative do not pounce on them... Give them a chance to explain. We are not all the same do not have the same way of looking at things.

This forum has a two fold purpose. First and most importantly it is here to provide support for LOR users. Answer questions and help solve problems. Secondly we are here to share ideas on how to better use LOR and to make better displays. (and to have some fun as well!)...

Personal attacks are the worst. You can disagree with a person, you can be unhappy with LOR (and you can be happy with LOR;)) disagreements can be discussed but if you get frustrated just walk away. but please no personal attacks. Do not get sucked into conflicts. If you are the type of person that has to argue then please go out to the local pub... It is more fun to argue there than at a keyboard...

However do not come here and think that we will accept any crap that is dished our way. If people have their own agenda and are not here to help or take help or if all you do is get into confrontations, spout negativity about everything and everyone then you are not welcome. Go some place else! If you are a LOR customer you can be supported directly via phone or email. We have a number of full time people that can help.

Lets try and wipe the slate clean. No pre-conceived attitudes.


PS... I deleted all the posts in this thread except the first. (there were only a few and they had one or two sentences) Just wanted this to be the main reply. Lets not dwell in the past.

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