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Any Disney's LuminAria Sequences


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Just checking to see if anyone other than Paradise Christmas has done Disney's LuminAria sequence. This was the Holiday Fireworks track from Disneyland. They only used it for a year, 2001 because the proximity of the pyro in Adventure Cove to the public often engulfed everyone in a thick cloud of smoke depending on the wind.

I'm going to do two shows next year and alternate them night to night. And I was looking for one to offset Believe In Holiday Magic and stumbled across this one. It's very similar in how it's done and about 15 minutes long to Believe's 13:28. Paradise did a great job with the sequence but has mostly color washes which I CAN use. Just maybe looking for a version with more POP in it to see if my ideas for chases on arches and mega trees is along the same lines.

By the way, Disney is starting a new light show out on the coast this spring called World of Color and promises and entirely new Christmas Show.

Thanks in advance as always..


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