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I have been thinking about putting some large spiders on some radio controlled vehicles as Halloween props. I am wonders if anyone has done something like this and if you have pictures or video?

Ideas or suggestions? :)-

I purchased a broom that is sound activated that would roll around when people would walk by it. That was a real hit. I am now thinking that if I could have a radio controlled vehicle to chase after the older kids that they would get a real kick out of that.

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Maybe I am just paranoid about things getting stolen..but a vehicle chasing the older kids sounds like a good formula for the vehicle walking away... :cool:

but I like the spider idea!!!

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toddmoon wrote:

I could rig a mace bomb on it. If they try and pick it up I release the mace.

Ahh a trick in reverse!:shock: Now that would definitely be one heck of a surprise for some poor unsuspecting soul that had no idea it was R/C booby-trapped. ROFL
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