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I just loaded windows 7 and found out that I could use Windows Media Encoder that comes with it. this is what I did to make it work.

1. Start Windows Media Center
2. New Session - Capture Audio or Video -> OK
3. remove checkmark from video, Audio is checked and Select Stereo Mix as your device. This will record the sound that is going to your Speakers. -> Next

Note: this device is hidden by default. I don't remember how I un-hid it, but a quick web search should find it.

4. input your path/File name -> Next
5. I use "File Archive" as the way I want to distribure content. -> Next
6. Select how you want to encode your audio and video. -> Next
7. Enter information about your content. -> Next
8. Check the box that says "Begin Capturing wehn I click finish" -> Finish
9. Press the stop button to stop.

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