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Need Something to Replace Luminarias for 2010


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I posted this over at PC, but know that there are some here who don't frequent PC as much as here.

For years I have used colored electric luminarias to line both sides of my driveway. I use colored bags (red and green) and have about 12 on each side. I liked them because they are (were) pretty colorful, and low profile allowing for somebody to open a car door without hitting something next to the driveway. This year I converted the C9 bulbs to LED, and the quality really sucked. I used cool white LED's that I thought would be brighter than WW. However they were so dim that I almost wondered why I bothered. I keep saying, I HATE LED's. There's another reason.

My wife would like to see me do something different next year. I am considering buying some alligator outlets and adding a couple more C9's to each bag, 3 bulbs instead of 1. Or, doing something entirely different.

Keeping in mind the low profile requirment, candy canes and such are a no go. During the season this year, we saw a display that had what appeared to be low profile boxes (guessing 12" X 18" X 3") with what I would guess to be 100 count mini's arranged in exact rows. I couldnt get close to the display, but imagine using peg board with the lights sticking up through the holes in very neat rows. The whole thing appreared to be no more than 3" high. The "boxes" didn't appear to be covered, so I am not sure what happens when it snows. Has anybody seen something like this and have any ideas how to build? They almost looked like LED wash units facing up, but I think the expense would have been outrageous, since I counted at least 8 or 10 on each side of the driveway.

My existing luminarias use 2 channels of my LOR, but I am already adding a couple of extra controllers for next year so it might be pretty neat to have something that would chase.

I am open to other ideas also.

Photo of static display from 2008 (pre-LOR) is attached. You can see the red and green luminarias on either side of the driveway. BTW, all of the Plywood cut-outs not used now in LOR. Just lights and 18 mini trees and 16 channel arch in center of yard.

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jimswinder wrote:

How about some "micro trees"...no more than 6" tall...

still alternating between red and green.

Thats an interesting idea. What would you suggest using as a frame?
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Actually I have seen some artificial trees about that size...can't rememeber where though.

How about from a craft store, some styrofoam cones.

Or how about some of them big plastic light bulbs...


Found these trees...Only $4.00 each

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