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Which Emulator for iMac....Fusion or Parallels


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Bootcamp is fine if you can deal with rebooting between systems.

I don't want to have to deal with that since I'm always popping back and forth, so I've used Parallels in the past and it works pretty good (although I've never used it with LOR). The newest version, which I don't yet have but should get, is supposed to be a lot better performance-wise.

I don't have any experience with Fusion.

Lately I've just been remote-desktoping into my Win machine to do win work if I'm on my Mac laptop...

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Ponddude wrote:


What do you use to RDP from your Mac?

I never had much success with most of them.

I use Microsoft's Remote Desktop Client (they have a Mac version) since I'm using it to connect to my XP Pro machine at work. I've also used it to connect to my home desktop running a generic free VNC client (can't remember which one right off) Some of my other teammates have had good luck with other VNC solutions like "Chicken of the VNC"...
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