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First shot at posting vids

Mark h2o

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Got the first batch loaded. This is my first time filming the display. Unfortunately, all I had was my 3 yr old camera in vid mode to film with, so the quality, well, there is no quality.

I tried to do it some justice in movie maker but realized later that the sound is a little off it the vids.

6 of my seven sequences are re-works from last years 'half the channels than I've got now display'. So I guess that makes only one song that is completely new for this year. That one is 'O Come All Ye Faithful'.

It's a no frills display but I hope everyone enjoys!

The much over-used and burned out song that I still can stand to listen to,

Wizards in winter


Classic TSO, Christmas Eve-Sarajevo


O Come All Ye Faithful (new for 09)


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Very nice Mark! We came by to see your show, and it was beautiful in person. Good job, keep up the good work............Mike

like your avatar too.........

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Thanks Mike!

I'm pretty sure you might be the only one who recognizes my avatar. Those trees are a real bear to get lights onto without a barge and lift.

It looks like the channel count will be the same for next Christmas so I hope to spend some quality time on sequencing this year.

My wife and I really missed your display as well as just about everyone else I know around here. No one could figure out what was going on. I was going to call but I found a thread on PC that you were out of town. Unfortunately, the snow decided to take a trip out of town as well. Murphy's law I guess.

I really hope to see your display up this year, It was greatly missed Mike.

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