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Anyone got a 16ch song or sequence that reallllly moves?


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Now that the Christmas Holiday is pretty much over, I am ready to start experimenting with new sequences for next year. I seem to draw the most traffic when my lights are going absolutely crazy...or as I call it....putting them through their paces. I was hoping that on New Years Eve, I could make my yard look like a fireworks show going off (okay so that is a little bit of an exaggeration with me only having 16 channels).

Ive already got Wizards in Winter, and Christmas Eve Sarajevo 1984 doesnt move fast enough for me....anyone got any other really fast moving songs or sequences? At this late point in the game, Id obviously prefer the sequence so Im not spending hours upon hours on the editor. I figure we've all got a week of lights left, so its time to have some of our own fun.

I have a Disney theme to my show, but I think I already have all the Disney songs I can use...so Im looking for other fast movers.


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