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2009 Sampler

Charles Belcher

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Our show plays continuously with no breaks and all segments overlap one another or segue from one to another via musical interlude; so this is a sample of the first few segments and the finale.

The show contains one 30 minute .wmv file with 18 minutes of show and 12 minutes of break music/static lights. The show features three 23.5' high screens. The two screens to the left are cloth scrims and the third screen is a true video screen. The projector is blacked out during non-video segments of the show and is not documented in the 2009 Sample link. Instead, the video "Mr. and Mrs. Claus Go To Hollywood" is contained in the second Vimeo link. The entire movie was shot in the green screen studio we made in a garage and depicts The Clauses as they take a sleigh ride from their home at the North Pole, through space, around the Earth, through several cities, finally ending up on the set of Dancing With The Stars in Hollywood.

The show also has (3) Martin Mac 550 moving yoke fixtures which are responsible for the text and images on the scrims. There are (16) Colorado3 LED wash fixtures which are responsible for putting color on the scrims and the vertical truss towers. On the upper and lower rooftops are (72) LED tube lights for a total of 144 tubes. The balance of the system is regular incandescent mini lights.

The whole system is controlled via S2 with one network, one USB485B adapter with two runs of Cat 5 split out from the adapter and consists of just over 2,000 channels.

2009 display sample

"Mr. and Mrs. Claus Go To Hollywood"

Charles and Vickie Belcher

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Good Lord... I couldn't imagine putting something like that together! Very, VERY show like. Yet another added to my "man I have to see that in person" list!!!

Awesome job!


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barbosaa wrote:

SUPER AMAZON!! i love the 3 wall curtains lights change it and display


do u know why action lighting dont sales fireworks anymore?

I would assume it is either because they didn't sell enough of them or because their supplier in China didn't sell enough. You can make one easy enough with mini-lights and PVC tubes.

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