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Pretty similar situation myself.
Last 2 nights, I have had a car pull up not too long before the show ended for the night and had its radio pretty loud with heavy bass. Same car each night I think. Last night as I was "obviously" looking out hoping that they would see me and turn down the radio, about 6 teens were outside the car dancing circles around the car during Amazing Grace Techno. They were pretty disruptive, and have been the first ones that have made me nervous about somebody annoying my neighbors (who have all been wonderful by the way). It was loud enough that it was the first time this year that I almost temporarily turned off the show just to get them to leave. Waited it out though since the show was just minutes from ending (they were out there about 10 minutes). When it ended, they raced off at a pretty fast speed (again pretty disruptive in the quiet neighborhood). They made me pretty nervous, and I kept a pretty good eye on the display even after they left to make sure they didn't take any "souvenirs" with them. And probably the main thing that stopped me from turning the show off was that I didn't want to prompt them to become vandals. However, I really felt like I had to protect the neighbors if it carried on too long. Fortunately they didn't return again tonight.

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Jeff Millard wrote:

If I lived in Hawaii I'd be dancin' like that 24/7! Neat video!


Yea, it does beat the cold winters. I am from the east coast originally (south carolina) but stationed out here.
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