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Two Show on SD Card Question


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I have an hour and a half show that loops until it ends at 10:00 PM. The LOR MP3 is smart enough to complete the last song at 10:00 even if it runs over a bit.

I have a "goodnight" sequence with 3 animated(in lights) elves that plays at the end of each show loop.

I am wondering if I created a second show in Simple Show builder with a start time of 10:00 and put it on the SD card if the player would complete the last song as usual and start the "goodnight" sequence right after it?

Anyone tried this?


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Yes. It will work.

Make sure your 'end of night' show is higher than your normal show. Since the HWU defaults to Show1 when you write to the SD card, make sure you go to Show2.

Also, make sure your dial is on "A" (or "0" which is one in the same at this time.)

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