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I want a hippo for Christmas Sequence

Blair Melanson

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Why not check out the links that Mountainwxman suppled? I know that there is a sequence of that song in one of those lists of links.

Anyway it is Christmas, so I well be a nice Albertan and post the link.

Light - o - Rama Sequences I modify his sequences and use them in our house display. He sequences like I do.

I am almost done ( for this year) a 21.38 minute sequence on "How The Grinch Stole Christmas", I will modify the sequence for 2010.

Took some time to just do what I did in the sequence for this year. Of course I can cut and past the 32 channels I did into the other 128 channels and it will work just fine.

Should be done Tuesday.

Please check the above link and you will find your hippo sequence.

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Gentlemen sorry i did not reply earlier Machtoo i used your sequence for 128 channels and arranged it to fit mine thank you for sharing your work really appreicate it sorry for the late reply happy new year Blair

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