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Simple Show and Show Editor problem


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Help!! Last night was a big night.

Up until last night everything was going smoothly. Past 2 weeks everything went like clockwork until I created a new Simple Show and added 2 sequences. Now both thru' Simple Show And Show Editor it keeps repeating the first sequence and wont play the remaining. (I had to play every sequence manually for 4 hours -very painful - there were so many people so I had to play something).

I re-booted but same thing. The new sequences were created on a newer version of LOR but some of my other sequences were as well and everything was ok. Reluctant to upgrade to new LOR to see if this solves the problem until I hear from someone who knows a lot more about this than me. The sequence has not been set to loop.

I am only new to LOR so I am happy to defer to the professionals:) Chris

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There was a bug in a couple vesion of LOR where it would repeat the first sequence over and over on Saturdays... (only on Saturdays when the show went to midnight (or later) ).

I recommend you update to the latest software. If you are already at the latest version of software then try using the verifier (found in the LOR control panel) and look for errors.


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