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Problem extending show time


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…I’ve got a deal with my neighbors that if people are still watching the show as it approaches the scheduled end time, I can extend it.

I’ve found that sometime it will restart the show rather then extend it. (Version 2.6.0 on Win XP – my “Backup” computer died, so I really don’t want to try upgrading the software unless it will for sure fix this…)

Here is what I am doing:
5 minutes before the show is scheduled to end, I go into the schedule editor and add 5 minutes to the end time.
The log window updated to the new end time.
When the song ends after passing the original end time, it does the show shutdown, and then starts the show schedule over from the beginning.

The problem is worse when I want to do this extension more then once.

Any ideas?


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Good morning

I am going out on a limb here

your desription has me believing that some

kind of behind the scene program que has already been

loaded with the shutdown sequence ----- the last sequence/song played

and the shutdown sequence are trying to time the end of the show to

match your scheduled end as close as possible

As a test try extending your schedule ---- say a half hour --- before the

regular show end

see if this affects the schedule differently

I am at best just speculating with this -- kind of grabbed it out of the air

Frank A.:D

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I normally try to do the extension while I know the system will have at least 1 sequence change before the scheduled end time. I don't believe I have a shutdown sequence, it just starts the show from the beginning. (And the way the schedule timing works, it's only 2 songs into the show when it is scheduled to end)

I believe I did last nights 10 minutes before the end time.

I’m not 100% sure on this, I need to test this tonight… If I reboot the machine, then I can do the extension for a couple of days before it start acting up. (I don’t think it has always done the restart thing, but I could be wrong, I need to test more.)

Also, the computer is dedicated to LoR with nothing else running (Except VNC for remote access).


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This same topic was discussed in another thread.

In that thread it was suggested to just set back your computer clock the amount of time you want to extend the show. Then after the show is stopped reset the computer time.

It is correct behavior for the show to be reread when it is saves and if it sees changes, then will start over. At least that has been my experience.


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Changing your computer's clock works like a charm. Just be sure you set it back before the end of your originally scheduled end time. I recommend setting it back by an hour - quick and easy to do. Then, when the people leave, set the time back to real time and when the currently-playing sequence ends, the shutdown process will occur.

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Thanks for the information on the system time! I can do that! (After disabling the time sync service... :))

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