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Flak about display


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I live in a college town and have expected to take some flak about my display for 2 reasons; the use of electricity and celebrating Christmas. I decided to just listen when it comes to celebrating Christmas , but I wanted a good response to power use attack.

Sure enough, a philosophy professor that lives down the street caught me outside yesterday and as expected confronted me with "is it really necessary to cause so much pollution ..." I love it when a plan comes together haha.

The professor is a fanatic about his lawn; mows, trims, and edges at least once a week. Of course he uses a gas mower, so I had him.

I have a 16 channel setup this year, draws about 12 amps at full power to all lights. Using the DOE website I calculated that I can run my lights at full power 5 hours per day for 32 days and create fewer carbon emissions than he does mowing his lawn once. I suggested that he could make up for my sins by skipping mowing his lawn once this year. :D I bet he is now at home, looking at the DOE site, trying to figure out what I did wrong in the calculation.

Merry Christmas everyone,


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I hope he doesn't know anybody you know that is in his class!!

Great comeback, to much research for me, I most likely said something I can not put here.

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But you're running LOR, so you don't have your lights on most of the time!

When I'm not running Christmas lights, I have automatic landscape lighting that comes on from 6:00 to 1:00 AM. Once the lights are up, these are disabled, and I'm running 180,000 LED lights. I use LESS power now than I did before.

Read your electric meter before and after your show at night. You might be surprised how 'green' your display actually is.

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Man... maybe I'm just getting to be an ol' grumpy man but this kind of crap just burns me. :( I mean... I'm from the camp of "live and let live". I really don't care if my neighbor is burning diapers in their fireplace, or lighting up 800,003 incandescent lights, or "disciplining" their children the way they see fit.

People should just keep their opinions to themselves imho. :)

Good for you for "learning" him! :)


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Great job on that professor! How sweet it is to see an arrogant smart-ass SOB liberal get what he's got coming.

It's amazing how dumb some people can be. I've had to educate three different reporters this season regarding electric usage. I love it when they get that confused glaze in their eyes as their tiny little brains try to process how it can possibly cost less than 50 bucks per season for a display that encompasses two yards. I let them hang for a few seconds and then explain to them that the overwhelming majority of my lights spend the overwhelming majority of their time OFF and then I point out that over half are LED's. Then they start to get it...

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Robin wrote:

I prefer the direct approach.

Professor: "How can you cause all that polution"?
Me: "Kiss my ass"?

Professor: "Well I never..."!
Me: "Yes you have, remember last week with the janitor"?

Merry Christmas

Effective and funny at the same time! :dude:
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your gonna love this!!

I have 20,000 mini lights.
Heat with wood, oil furnace as a backup.
Have one truck that get 12.5 mpg
The wife's Avalanche gets about 16
and finally, my tractor is a diesel!!!

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