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1602MP3 crashing not starting

Tim Storey

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I use one 1602MP3. I use the SD card, not computer to run the show. I don't remember the first version I had but I used the original verion 2 years ago. Didn't use the LOR last year. Upgraded to v. 2.3.6 and used it for Halloween.

I was just running an animation sequence and the show wouldn't start. (yellow LED flashing). When I changed the show to: Start 5:30PM End 5:00AM it would start. It seemed to be trying to wait for the end time to start which was originally 12:30 AM.

So, that was working but I would have to go out and manually turn the show off at night. Each new night the show won't start. When I try to reporgram the card it always shows the show to be at the same time as before I installed the show: 6:00PM to 10:00PM. So I change the show on simple show builder to 5:30PM/5:00AM and it starts.

Next, I put one song in the show. It plays a few times and then stops. 2 years ago it seemed to help by putting a DC transformer in the DC input on the MP3. I'll try that tomorrow, but I'm just wondering if there's anything else that might be causing this.

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Tim - I have the same unit but here me out - I might repeat what you said but here is what I do and I'm using version 2.6.0:

1.) I delete all the files on the sd card

2.) Make sure your USB485B is plugged in

3.) Open Hardware Utility and click on MP3 tab

4.) Click 'Plays During Scheduled Time' and schedule Sun-Thurs. to come on and off from 5:49 - 9:30 pm and change days button

5.) Click 'Plays During scheduled Time' and schedule Fri-Sat. to come on and off from 5:40 - 10:15 pm and change days button

6.) I click loop through showlist continuously

7.) Then I add all the sequences to the list in order which is 43 minutes of static musical sequences and 17 minutes of show musical sequences

8.) I click create show

9.) Make sure show01 is listed and write to card

*Now I tell you that because that is my process but make sure you set the time on the MP3 controller - I usually hook it up to my laptop and set current time and my controller is power all the time until January. I never use Simple Show Builder, I think the hardware utility is just as easy. It seems your unit is confused on when the start time is which maybe the clock or the scheduling.

I hope this helps!


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