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I've just made my first LOR purchase last week, and just wanted to post about my experience.

First off, I found it a little overwhelming to figure out the difference between the products. From looking at the matrix, it seemed that the PC kits, since they didn't have an addressing switch, were not suitable to have multiple units in a network. After factoring in the additional costs of enclosures, wiring etc of the CTB16K kits, I wound up ordering a 1602W starter kit instead.

I hadn't heard anything, and my online order status was still blank after 3 days. Plus the UPS shipping was listed at $3. To Australia! I was a little concerned, so I called LOR and spoke to Dan, who said that international orders were delayed, that their online store didn't deal too well with international postage, and that I should receive an email in the next day or two.

Fast forward two days, and I get an email saying the cheapest shipping option is USPS @ $140. For a $329 product!

After a bit more thorough reading through the website and forums, I determined that the PC kit would indeed be perfect for my needs, so after a handful of emails back and forth, my shipment of 3x CTB16PC kits and a starter pack is on its way for only $10 than my original order (and that includes shipping!).

Obviously the bulk of the enclosure and wiring adds significant cost to international shipping. Well enough to make up for the cost and effort of sourcing those bits locally.

In the end, kudos to LOR for an outstanding customer service experience. And if their product is anywhere near as good as their service, I can't wait to plug it in! Maybe not this Christmas, but definitely next year!

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There is still time! When is Christmas down under? :)

The lack of a dial to set the unit id is not really a problem. The Cosmic Color Ribbons are a new product and do not have the dial as an option. Neither does the iDMX. T

Welcome aboard. Lots of fun ahead.

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