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Sequence will not play in show

Craig Dye

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I need help. I have a sequence that will play in the seq editor but will not play in the show. When I add it to the show nothing happens - just dead lights and sound. When removed from the show, the other songs play as expected. I am using v 2.38. The media file is a wav file, and it played OK in previous years' shows.

Any ideas?


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2.3.8 is older, and as such doesn't have a status window to help diagnose the problem.

It does, however, have the LOR Verifier. I would go ahead and run that, just to see what pops up.

I would also play the audio file in Windows Media Player to see if it spits out any error messages.

If you've copied this audio to a 'show' computer, I would make sure the entire file copied over.

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