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Ralph Priest

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With Christmas just next week, I am pulling my hair out trying to get this show running. I added a third controller this year which crashed my system. LOR says I need to activate my "advanced hardware" to run three or more controllers. I must admit-I'm not sure what they mean by that. However, per their instructions I tried to do this by opening the Sequence editor, but It will not open! Any thoughts?

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By "advanced hardware", they probably meant "Advanced license".

Your license level controls a bunch of different features that the software provides; among these is the number of controllers that the software will control. Specifically:

  • Demo: zero controllers
  • Basic: two controllers
  • Basic Plus: four controllers
  • Standard: eight controllers
  • Advanced: an unlimited number of controllers

So I don't think you need an Advanced license to start using a third controller; you'll need anything above a Basic license. Please note that if you previously purchased LOR 1 software, a free Advanced license was automatically created for you; if so, you can retrieve it from here:


A list of the differences between the license levels can be found here:


Regarding the Sequence Editor not opening, please see the following troubleshooting FAQ:


If that FAQ doesn't apply to your situation, please reply here (in this thread, not in that thread).

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