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Glad you like them:)

10 foot 3/4 inch white pvc pipe which slips over a 5 foot section of 1/2 inch electric conduit driven in the ground.

7 channels 100 count strings

8th channel is a 6 inch starlight sphere with a piece of all-thread thru it to fasten it to a 3/4 inch cap


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I agree they look thicker than 3/4". Great idea!

If I would make them I would go bigger due to the winds here in PA. Last week we had gusts to 60 mph. and with all the work winding the lights I would hate to come home and find the poles broken in half.

Nice job on the display!

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Bob -- I might recommend you use a video upload service as it will make it much easier for us to view your video's. I switched from YouTube to Vimeo this year and am very happy. They have a free account though I paid for the Plus account. (I have no association with them.)

If you have not seen them you can see my videos at: http://vimeo.com/8132620

Happy Holidays


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Memory is going fast:P, it's 1 inch thick wall pvc pipe and only about 8'-6" long....sorry for the confusion. My bad!
The videos are standard wmv files and will open in MS Media Player if you have set it up as the default wmv viewer. Or save the file to your computer and open with your favorite software.

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