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Problem with Tracks in Animation Sequence

Dennis Cherry

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I just tried to make a simple Animation test sequence for someone using their LCC file.

I wanted it to loop 5 times.

1. Made a new Animation Sequence, set the time needed.
2. Imported the Configuration File.
3. Next I setup a loop in Track One for 5 loops.
4. Created my sequence for all the Channels in all the tracks as a color test pattern.

Ran the sequence to make sure my color patterns are correct.

What happened after the first loop is only Track 1 would loop, all the other tracks just stopped and did not show lights in the visualizer after the first loop.

It appears that each track will need its own loops.

Is there a way to make all tracks work with one loop without moving all channels to Track 1?

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jimswinder wrote:

Yes...and if I was at home I could tell you how!! LOL

Big help, aren't I??

maybe this tutorial will help:


That's a good tutorial I looked at over 2 years ago, but has nothing about my tracks issue.
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Well..if you don't get an answer by the time I get home, I'll let you know how to do it.

If I was to guess just from memory...don't you highlight all the channels you want to loop...then add your looping??

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