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One controller gone crazy


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I have had my display up and running starting on Thanksgiving night without a lick of trouble. But tonight for the first time I was out before the show started and did not get back home till half of the night had gone by. What I found is that my 4th of 4 controllers was not working right. This is for two 8 channel arches. And the first channel acted almost like all of the channels wer summed into this one channel. But at the end of the seq. I saw all 16 channels twinkle like they were suppose to.
This gave me some hope. I went in and shut down the computer and rebooted and re-enabled the show from the LOR control panel. So far, so good. The rest of the scheduled show ran just fine.

Yes, I have the filtered USB cord. I just think that the computer needed a reboot after running straight for about 2 wks and 2 days. Seen this with PCs at work running windows and controlling a production equipment. Seems that there are times that these PCs run better after a reboot after a weeks time running continues.

Just as a first timer (first year) and an obersvation with a small problem I had. BTW Still running 2.3.4 adv. I dont do upgrades unless I just got to, to fix a problem any time close to show time. Like the 2 months before. I just dont like to temp the gods of logic.. Or during that time, I say let someone else play with the new version loaded with bugs...

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Good morning

thanks for the info

I agree with not updating

will update in January not before

one less issue to deal with as far as unknowns go

Frank A.:)

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