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It has been a long time since I have been on here but as we all know the economy is bad, which has made me to decide to sell my 2 remaining controllers. With now having a family, I am no longer able to spend as much time on a christmas display for as i would like in the past 2 years and decided to help out any other lighting people that would be interested in starting or expanding their display. The two years I did have a display I made the local newspaper both years and the local tv station one of those years. So it saddens me to get out of the limelight.

These were kits that were assembled and mounted in water resistant locking boxes. Both boxes have screw mounting holes in the back that i found that the pipe hanging tape that is metal that has all holes in it works best, so you can put screws through it when attached to secure boxes. Picture shows cords attached. white cords that go to lights are 6' cords and the power cord is 9'. I do have a second power cord I can send with them and both controllers are equipped with 20amp fuses, even thou controllers generally had only 2-3 strings of lights on each circuit. I am curious if there is anyone interested in wanting to buy them. I am asking $140.00 each, shipping included in price. Both for $250.00 Shipped. Payment by paypal as soon as I know that my account is still active.

Thanks you,


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