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Hi All,

This is my first year using LOR and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone on the forum for their help and assistance - especially setting up in the UK! Also must say thanks to the LOR team who have been fantastic!

Our show is up and running now at our house in Epworth, North Lincolnshire. I have put videos up on my website and you can see them at


As this was my first year i was really reliant on ideas and sequences from others which i have addapted , merged, added my own bits and generally built upon - As you will all know the sequences evolve almost every week as I see something i dont like or doesnt sit right...Anyhow I am of course happy to share the sequences (and believe me they are not that good!) and have zipped them up here:


The tracks are

Wizards in Winter
Carol of the Bells
Overture from Miracle on 34th st
Santaclaus is coming to town
Winter Wonderland

Thanks again for all help and shares - have a great Christmas!!!:dude:


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