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3 channels not working

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Just got my second LOR controller and set it up outside yesterday. We got a snow/ice/rain mix last night and when I went to use the controller for the first time, the lights would come on for half a second then go out...try to come again and the same thing. I did some testing with the hardware utility and it seems if I try to turn on channels 1, 7, or 8, it shuts off all channels.

Is this typical behavior for moisture in the controller? I bought the full unit in the box, and I built a plywood box that protects the LOR controller in the back, sides, and top. The outside of the box was not wet, but I'm wondering if the cold/humidity got to it. My other 8 channel LOR controller continued to work fine after the snow (but it is on the other side of the house and better sheltered.

I figure I will bring the controller inside tomorrow, open up the box, and gently dry it with a hair dryer.

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