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Merging two channel Configurations


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I have my old Christmas Holiday channel configuration that include 3 controllers Lets call them Controller 1,2 & 3. Over the summer I've added a fourth controller (controller 4). I used this controller to create some stand-alone 16 channel sequences and saved the channel color/information. Is there an easy way to incorporate the 16 new channels into the configuration of the existing 3 controller?



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Not directly. There may be some way to hack the .lcc files (I haven't tried), but frankly, with 16 channels, it's probably easier and less error prone to just reenter them.

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Let's say you've got 48 channels in sequence A, and 16 in sequence B, and you really want 64 in both, which are the 48 of A followed by the 16 of B.


(1) In sequence B, right click on the topmost channel, and select "Add Channels Above"; add 48 channels.

(2) From sequence A, export channel config.

(3) Import that channel config into sequence B.

You've now got 64 channels in sequence B, the first 48 of which are from sequence A, and the last 16 of which are from the "old" sequence B.

You can then export channel config from sequence B, and use it as your standard channel configuration file from then on (including importing it back to sequence A, to get the additional 16 channels into that one).

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  • Open a sequence with the 3 exisiting controllers in it.
  • Add a track into the first slot.
  • Import one of the new 16ch color/info sequences
  • Export new settings for future use

The added information should now occupy the newly added track with out affecting the original information in the second. From this point you can move the channels around among the tracks as needed. I have found this method helpful when "borrowing" a sequence from someone else and setting it up to work with my settings.


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