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Last four nights show runs good, get up in a.m. check log for timing and everything is good. Last night show started and I was feeling ill so went to bed early. Got up this A.m. and computer was off for unknown reason. Started it up and show log is empty. Now I don't know if show ran all the way, or cut off. Does the log empty after computer is turned off? One other thing, every time I open sequence editor the con troll lights is unchecked, I check and close it, when I reopen editor con troll lights is unchecked again. I don't remember this happening before, I think it was the other way around. Had to uncheck every time I was working on something. Thanks in advance. My status light was red this A.M. also, comm port error, finally figured out you have to disable show before checking hardware status, just in case someone has same problem.

EDIT: my bad should know better by now. version 2.6.?

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