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Hello all,

With Christmas approaching ever so quickly, I come up on a thought (actually from a request of another member asking to stop by).

I have my lights up and going year round, connected to 4 16-channel LOR controllers (for now). I'm using mostly rope lights, icecyles and strobes and plan to add a lot more once my hard wire gets complete. I'm running the sound thru an FM transmitter and have a stereo playing the music thru 4 outdoor speakers. This way you can hear the music in front or across the canal with a portable radio.

Anyway, any P.C. member who passes thru OKC which has some free time on their hands and wants to see their sequences in action, contact me.

I realize my set-up will be different than anybody elses but at least see you can see lights dancing to the music you sequenced. Most of my channels are in groups of 4 or 8 because of the windows and columns (8 each). Then I have railing and such too and 5 7-foot holly trees. If you want to convert a sequence to my channel config, then PM me and I'll send it to you to play with before you come.

I don't expect anyone to come out of their way to do this, but if you’re already in the OKC area and have some free time, then hopefully this will provide an opportunity for those who can't wait till their lights go up in November to see their work in action.

If you have mini trees or other stuff you want to see in action, bring it. We can hook it up and see them in action to your sequences. I'm all game when it comes to animated lighting. I have a couple spare controllers sitting aside we can add as well.

Think of it as a one-on-one mini year round (or even as a group).

This just doesn't have to be for Christmas. It's for any season.

Keep this in mind in the future as the invitation is open year round. (the last 2 weeks of October, the show will be running during the haunt every night and won't be available for play time during those 2 weeks)

Hope to see ya some time.


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